People mourn and wail as they hold peaceful protest at government house over Plateau killings

Below are pictures from the protest which took place at the Plateau state government house yesterday. The people of the state had a peaceful match demanding to see the governor over the recent attacks on their villages by Fulani herdsmen which resulted in the death of about 200 people with 50 houses burnt.


However, in a statement released yesterday, the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) gave a breakdown of the Plateau massacre. See excerpts from the statement below.

“Following the killings that took place on the Plateau, CAN has obtained reliable information on the number of dead as recorded in B/Ladi & Riyom LGAs from Sat. 23rd to Monday 25th June, 2018

“1. Gashish District:
-Nhyer – 80
-Exland(G/Akwati) – 40
-Ruku – 34
-Kakuruk – 6
-Kuzen – 5
Total – 165

2. Ropp District:
-Gana Ropp – 34
-Razat – 1
-Kwang Jot Near Gen. Hospital (Takwok) – 1
-Rakwok – 2
Total – 38

3. Bachi District:
-Shonong – 8
Total – 8

4. Riyom District:
-Kwi – 1
Total – 1

5. Heipang District:
-Chit Heipang 2
Total – 2

6. Vwang District:
-K-Vom Vwang Jos South 1 (OPSH Killing)
Total – 1

7. Zawan District:
-Anguldi – 3 (OPSH Killings)
Total – 3

Grand Total – 218 deaths

“Apart from the total number of the death, there are still missing persons. Many people also sustained various degrees of injuries.

“Villages that have been under constant attacks are:
1. Tanjol Jol, Riyom LGA
2. Rim, Riyom LGA
3. Wereng, Riyom LGA
4. Kwi, Riyom LGA
5. Bangai, Sharubutu Ward, Riyom LGA
6. Kyeng, Dum, Sharubutu Ward, Riyom LGA
7. Lwa, Shonong Ward
8. Gassa, B/Ladi
9. Lokajoro, Ropp B/Ladi
10. Kwang Jot, Ropp B/Ladi
11. Rakwok
12. Rakung B/Ladi
13 Sho, B/Ladi
14. Razat
15. Tabam, Heipang B/Ladi
16. Chit, Heipang B/Ladi
17. Rafan, Fan B/Ladi
18. Tafan, Fan B/Ladi
19. Nding B/Ladi
20. Gana Ropp
21. Kuzen Gashish, B/Ladi
22. Exland Gashish, B/Ladi
22. Shwei Gashish, B/Ladi
23. Nhyer Gashish, B/Ladi
24. Kuzen Gashish, B/Ladi
25. Kakuruk Gashish, B/Ladi
26. Tenti, Bokkos
27. Daffo, Bokkos
28. Ruku Gashish, B/Ladi
29. Darwat, Jol Ward, Riyom
30. Tashek Jol Ward, Riyom
31. Wereh(Dorowa Babuje) Ropp B/Ladi
32. Lobiring Ropp, B/Ladi
33. Sho Ward Ropp, B/Ladi
34. Tarai Jol, Riyom
35. Vwak Jol, Riyom
36. Dakku Jol, Riyom
37. Loton Jol, Riyom

Villages sacked in Bokkos LGA:
-Hurti village in Mangunna Ward
-Josho Village in Daffo Ward
-Morok Daffo Ward
-Ganda Mandung Daffo Ward
-Hotom wurrim Daffo Ward
-Na kudung Daffo Ward
-Fara Dong Hai in Daffo Ward

peaceful protest at government house over Plateau killings

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