Photos from REVAMP 2.0 conference, The Distinguished Generation!

The Revamp 2.0 conference
for young adults, themed, ‘The Distinguished Generation’ held
in grand style on Saturday May 13th
at Primrose Event Centre,
Ikeja, Lagos.
This conference was organized for young adults by Miss
Precious Eniayekan.

Miss Eniayekan is a
young lady passionate about the development of young adults. She believes that
the future of any nation lies in the hands of the younger generation that is
why she puts Revamp initiative together to help them answer the question of
identity (who am I, what do I want to become and how do I go from where I am to
where I want to be?) because for them to really make progress and develop, they
must first know and understand who they are.
Revamp is an initiative
for young adults which recorded over a 100 youths in attendance at the second
edition of the conference, with amazing speakers like Timi Ayekiitan a prolific
speaker, Daniel Otabor who is a leadership expert, Ruki Toje who is a master in
human development.  We also had panelist
like Body Lawson one of Nigeria top photographers,  Gt da Guiterman also one of Nigerian top
talented artist,  Fehintolu Olaogun a
serial entrepreneur, Mayowa Owolabi an information technology expert and Wale
Ola-Abiola a manager in one of the top banks in Nigeria.
The event kicked off
with our first speaker who spoke about the power of influence.   High point of his speech was when he said,“whether you like it or not you’re
influencing someone around you either positively or negatively”.
Our second speaker laid
emphasis on the benefit of having a healthy self-esteem.  “At the root of every low self-esteem
is fear”.
On the first panel
session we had Gt da Guiterman share his life experiences with us and his
journey into the music industry. “The
journey of life is never smooth, it you have it easy then there is a problem”
Fehintolu Olaogun co-founder
Exolve Media, CEO Prim Ambience and also co-founder of spoke about
his journey in the entrepreneurship world,  “everyone wants to become a CEO but no one is
willing to pay the price’’
. He also said “the first step in becoming a
great entrepreneur is focus”
We had another panel
session that trashed our questions on investment, information technology and
Body Lawson shed more
light on how modern photography started,“as
a photographer I would dress well and people will have to ask where I work then
I would introduce photography to them. Dress the way you want to be addressed”.
And to cap it all up
our last speaker Daniel Otabor explained what it meant to be the filtered
generation. He said,“most of us fall
short of God’s love because we are chasing men to love us
”.  He talked about the social media craze and
how not to be moved by all we see on social media.
Revamp 2.0 ‘the
distinguished generation’ was indeed a blast. 
We believe that Nigeria is raising a distinguished generation, a
generation that would not conform.  Watch
out for Revamp 3.0 ‘THE ARMY’ in December.  
More photos below…


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