What Dr. Paul Eneche said about Nigeria in a controversial video

paul eneche

A controversial video obtained by Dailypost shows Dr. Paul Enenche of the Dunamis International Gospel Centre pouring his heart out concerning the situation of Nigeria.

In the video, Paul Enenche advised Nigerians to send the devil away from power in 2019, a statement which many have come to conclude was referring to President Muhammadu Buhari.

See transcript from the video below.


“Nigeria shall be filled with the knowledge of the glory of the Lord as the waters cover the seas.

“I hope by now nobody is in confusion as to what the devil plans for the nation that will not happen. You are not in confusion.

“Recent events show that there is a deliberate agenda. Very deliberate. I’m sure you know what I’m talking about…appointment was made recent which shows that there are people in this country who think people are foolish.

“Who think they can take a whole nation for a ride and push rubbish in the face of people. One man was remove and you return another man of his religion, belief, type, tribe and persuasion because there are no other persons from any other part of the country who can do the job.

“That Devil is a bastard. It will not work! It will not work! I’ll decree that Nigeria is the lords and the fullness. Nigeria shall be covered with the glory of the Lord as the waters cover the seas.

“I announce that every demon, if you have an Islamic agenda for Nigeria by the mantle in my life, I hereby announce that it has failed. It has failed! That is in clean clear words, it has failed.

“Judgment will come heavily. We are in a period of practical judgment where God will personally take this country for himself and show the devil the road back to hell. Watch out!

“We are aware of what you people planned even before 2015. We knew; we said it but people didn’t hear. But it shall not be! It shall not be!

“Recent the largest banking group, the HSBC gave a statistics on the way which Nigeria will go. And if we continue this way beyond 2019, disaster, economically and otherwise has been predicted. That over 79 million people are under poverty line.

“That is the prediction of European authority and there are people dumb enough or blinded enough or perverted mentally enough to be saying nothing is wrong. The Ministry of lies formation, sorry, information, sorry…just continuously lying.

“In the name above every other name, we are taking Nigeria from the devil. The devil does not own this country and the devil does not have a say in this country. Wherever they are planning it, it shall not work! So we speak divine intervention over Nigeria.

“Divine intervention over Nigeria. Divine intervention over Nigeria Divine intervention over Nigeria. Oh God to whom vengeance belongs, in Nigeria show yourself! Oh God to whom vengeance belongs, in Nigeria show yourself!

“Thank you father. It is done! Please pardon me. I said lies formation. Ministry of Informa…lies formation. Just permanently lying. As if they are paid salaries to lie. Must you sell your life and destiny because of useless government of appointment?

“You didn’t know what they were told before they were appointment. You know how long it took before Ministers were appointed, do you remember? When questions were asked they said Ministers really don’t do anything. Nigerians have a short memory, do you remember?

“That they were just noise makers, anyone who remembers those statements? And they appointed you to be a noise maker and you agreed. That is the lack of dignity that people in this country have.

“They can take anything for peanut appointment. But it’s over. God is on the throne in this nation. You are released in the name of the father, son and holy spirit!”

paul eneche

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