Pastor E.A Adeboye bares his mind on how he feels about Nigerian politicians and the upcoming elections

Highly respected Man of God and General Overseer,
Redeemed Christian Church of God, Pastor Enoch Adeboye, has publicly
revealed how much he detests Politicians for their lies.

While speaking in Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife, during a two-day interdenominational prayer, recently, the cleric said
“I don’t trust politicians. Politicians are liars. They don’t fulfil most of their promises. A politician can tell you that they will give all of you (students) chicken each, which we all know it is impossible.”
Moving on, he asked Nigerians to stop worrying themselves over who would emerge winner in the next general elections.
According to him, God is a master planner who has already planned the leadership development of Nigeria.
“God has already planned who will be the President of Nigeria. God has already planned that before we were born. God is not like human beings who doubt what is to be done. He has plan for everything.”
Adeboye  further illustrated his claim with the story of three travellers – an Indian, a Jew and a politician.
said while the three men were travelling, they had a problem and went
to a farmer for help, but the farmer said he could only accommodate two
Adeboye said the Indian volunteered to sleep in the barn, but returned few minute later that there was a cow there.
The Indian, according to the illustration, said he couldn’t sleep in the barn because cows were gods worshiped in his country.
The Jew also came back complaining that pig was inside the barn and that the place was dirty.
politician also volunteered to sleep there, but instead of the
politician to come back to complain, Adeboye said it was the pig and cow
that came knocking that the politician should be sent away because he
promised to make the environment, including the barn conducive with

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