Bad belle is such an epidemic in Nigeria – Billionaire’s son, Paddy Adenuga

Paddy Adenuga slams critics in series of tweets.

Paddy Adenuga has taken to Twitter to talk about the amount of hate that resides in the hearts of many Nigerians, a thing he calls bad belle. This is coming after his story on his near acquisition of a Chevron facility in the Netherlands.

The billionaire’s son adviced those who harbor hate for other people’s success to rather channel such energy into making their own life great as well. He also urged Nigerians to move away from the mindset that makes them believe that an older person is always likely to be smarter.

Read his tweet below.

in #Nigeria we need to move away from this paralysing cultural mindset that because someone is older than you that makes them smarter, wiser, more deserving of privilege, or having better access to wealth and power..

My advice for you today.. live for yourself first.. except if you have children then live for them but if you don’t.. live for yourself first and not for anybody else.. we are all here on earth on borrowed time.. when your time is gone.. thats it. live your life my people

Bad belle (jealousy) is such an epidemic in #Nigeria so much energy spent being hateful and envious of someone else’s success or pedigree when that same energy could be applied to making one’s life better or doing positive things.. #GOD help us

The laws of the universe are simple. you put out negative energy, it always comes back i personally have never met a prosperous hater but i guess for some people there is a warped pleasure in spiteful envy nothing good can come from a heart of hatred and jealousy #facts.”

paddy adenuga

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