Osun rerun: Dele Momodu’s powerful message to governorship aspirant, Adeleke

Ahead of today’s ongoing Osun state election rerun, Ovation magazine publisher, Dele Momodu shared this open letter to his bosom friend and aspiring governorship candidate, Adeleke.

Ore mi, it all started like a joke… We had met over dinner at the St. Regis Hotel in Atlanta, Georgia, with a couple of mutual friends. You told me you wanted me to support your dear Brother SENATOR ISIAKA ADELEKE who was planning to contest again for the Governorship of Osun State. You were very enthusiastic as always. I left you in Atlanta and returned to Nigeria.
I was at Murtala Muhammed International Airport when I received strident calls from my dear friend MAYOR AKINPELU. As soon as I picked, he said “omo Eye mi, nibo lo wa?” (Son of my mother, where are you?) I responded that I just landed in Nigeria. “HAVE YOU HEARD?” Mayor started the bad news. I hated statements that start with “have you heard?” for they usually portend danger. “HOPE NO ONE HAS DIED O?” I asked hurriedly. The answer instantly knocked me out… “SERUBAWON IS DEAD!!!” The world stood still… Why do nice people die so prematurely, I soliloquised…
I put a call through to you in Atlanta through my cousin, SOJI ADEYANJU, who was with you at that difficult moment… You cried so much, we could barely talk. You were just inconsolable…
Fast forward. You returned home. And one thing led to the other. You contested for the seat vacated by your brother and hero SENATOR ISIAKA ADETUNJI ADELEKE the first civilian Governor of Osun State and you won.
Then came the decision to go for the top job as Governor. I knew the hurdles ahead but prayed for you knowing the role of destiny in the life of human beings. Tomorrow is D-day and I just want you to know you have my prayers all the way. I love you, warts and all, and I know your unconditional love for everyone lucky to come across you.
Stay prayerful and stay strong as tomorrow holds the promise of changing the history of your family and Osun State forever; a third Senator and second Governor is only hours away, God-willing… When it happens, please remember to reciprocate the uncommon goodwill showered on you by the good people of Osun. To whom much is given much is expected.
God is your shield…

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