Osinbajo reveals what Christians should do to their enemies, especially insurgents

Vice President Yemi Osinbajo has advised Christians to pray for their enemies including insurgents because that it was Good expects them to do.

Osinbajo made this know while speaking at the headquarters of Foursquare Gospel Church on Sunday, the 21st of July, where he expressed how should he gets when he hears men of God praying against enemies.

“The gospel of Jesus Christ is a contrarian gospel because it does not agree with our flesh. The Bible for instance says we must pray for our enemies, bless those who curse us and even those who persecute us. But our flesh says we should curse those who curse us. In fact, curse them so much that they will not again dare to curse. The Scriptures say we should not revenge. The power of the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ lies in that very contrarian nature. The gospel speaks to that which we do not want to accept.

I have seen as I travel around the country how God’s love is demonstrated by other people, ordinary Christians. A woman whose two children were killed and her father was also injured in the North East. I spoke to her and she said, we still must pray for these people. These people are the people to whom we have been called. I was surprised. I have heard leaders of our faith who speak with such bitterness.

“When I heard this woman who had lost her two children speak, I knew she spoke from the very depth of the grace that God gives to those who truly believe in him and I know it is that kind of love that can conquer all situations and win souls and win over the worst of men and the worst of women. It is that exceptional kind of love that Christ himself taught us. But it is so difficult. Yet that is the gospel.” he said.

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