Oops, It’s like D’banj is now a broke man….

It appears that super
star, D’banj is having financial challenges as he has been hit with a $240,000
debt scandal and more.
A technology company, MindHub Technologies, headed by a top
oil and gas industry player, Henry Ojogho, is claiming that the kokomaster, D’banj
is owing them the sum of $240,000 and another N15, 000,000.

According to the MindHub
Technologies, D’banj, through his company, DKM Media Limited, obtained a loan
of over N60m from them in January 2013 and has not paid back the said sum
despite signing an undertaking to do so.
In addition, the technology company
claimed that the entertainer has issued two cheques already; one on December
20, 2013 and another on January 20, 2014, both of which had to be returned
unpaid after presentation because the pop star’ accounts were not funded
According to documents obtained by
NET, a firm of attorneys, D.U.ODIGIE & CO acting on behalf of Henry Ojogho,
in a letter addressed to D’Banj, wrote:
‘Following the default by D KINGS
MEDIA LIMITED to pay the debt to our client, and pursuant to the aforementioned
personal Guarantee/Memorandum of Undertaking, you issued two post-dated
cheques; one for the sum of $240,000,000 (Two Hundred and Forty Thousand United
States Dollars Only) dated 20/12/2013, and the other for the sum of
N15,000,000,00k (Fifteen Million Naira Only) dated 20/1/2014.
 Both cheques were returned unpaid on
presentation by our client. ‘We are further informed that although you
thereafter paid the sum of N8, 600,00.00K (Eight Million, Six Hundred Thousand
Naira Only) out of the N15,000,000,00k (Fifteen Million Naira Only) (in)
Cheque, leaving a balance sum of N6,400.000.00k (Six Million, Four Hundred
Thousand Naira Only), you have failed, neglected or refused to redeem the
entire or any part of the $240,000.00 (Two Hundred and Forty Thousand United
State Dollars) cheque.’
 It has further been found that Henry Ojogho is
not the only wealthy man claiming D’banj owes him in recent times. There are a
number of others.
 ‘Using the sympathy and naivety of
unsuspecting investors coming into the game to dupe them is criminal and
absolutely destroying the image of the industry at large, because in the long
run it affects and corrupts the judgment of genuine investors who would pull
out for fear of being duped.’ a source told NET.
 Below is a list of a number of names he
allegedly owes according to sources.
WALTER WAGBATSOMA (200,000 Pounds)
Mr Walter is a billionaire with investments in major areas, ranging from oil
and gas to real estate, banking, equities and even insurance. He is the founder
and executive Vice Chairman of Ontario Oil and he’s one of the first men who
were said to have handed money to D’banj, with a whopping sum of 200,000 Pounds
said to be involved.
PRINCE D. OKONKWO ($200,000) He’s
the chairman, Board of Directors of Tetrazini Group of Companies and he is said
to have given about $200,000 to D’banj in the name of investing in
entertainment. When the issue with Prince Okonkwo got out of hand, D’banj was
said to have sought help from Dapo Abiodun, boss of Heyden Oil and Gas who
helped him take care of the debt through a repayment plan.
Responding to the allegations however, the kokomaster a few minutes ago tweeted “Silence….Hear (SIC) is my response to the false rumors” and promoted his latest musical video featuring Oristefemi”
Oh by the way, despite D’banj’s remarkable success
and many endorsement deals over the years, he has no building or house of his
own. The place he currently calls home, a building on Osaro Isopkai Street in
Lekki is a rented apartment.
As a matter of fact, investigations revealed his
current rent in the said apartment will expire this month. D’banj returned to
the country on Wednesday, November 12, 2014 after spending about 3 months in
the United States of America. And now that he is back, a court case bearing his
name might come up for hearing soon except he is able to settle or pacify those
who are reportedly waiting to swoop on him…


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