Only God Could Have Done This: My problem was embarrassing…

Kemi hi, how are you?
Recently, we received the news
about a Christian Brother, who cut off his manhood just because it was
causing him some embarrassment and for other reasons.
God, l thank You for helping me to get over my problem.
The world is full of things that can make one to commit suicide 
The Yorubas say that, Nobody feels it as the person in the flood of the troubles. (Eni to kan lo mo).
I heard his case and l remembered with misty eyes, mine many years ago.
If not for God, l would have done the same.
My problem was bed wetting into adulthood. 
I became a man who could not sleep outside my home.
How would l marry?
One day, the thought came to my mind to end it all and be free.
I got a blade to remove the thing that caused me depression, embarrassment and loneliness.
There was no one to talk or to seek counsel from.
I removed the new blade and was about getting into the act when the power of God came upon me so strongly.
I was crying, real one and l was telling God why He created me that way. Was there no solution near?
was like l heard, in the midst of the sobbing, a voice  telling me it
had not gone to that level that l should brace up and that was it.
Within 3
days, l was made by God to recover from it.
You may not get the import of this problem, but God touched me.
Reason  l look back and saw that  He cared and HE still cares.
want to use this platform to tell people that they should be there for
their relations, before depression sets in.
Let us be
our brother’s keeper.
Many are downcast and almost become outcast among
their kins and kith. It is not about money at all, but having a shoulder
to lean on. Thank You, my Lord Jesus, You are a burden Bearer. You
helped carry my own. He is still showing mercy upon whom He wants to. Halleluiah.
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