Only God could Have done This! I frustrated my dad…

Hello Kemi, I have a testimony, dunno if you can help publish hun.
Truly, there
is nothing God can not do. He helped me when l did not know l needed
help. I will give the testimony as l heard my dad narrated my case to a
family friend. You will appreciate it better hearing it from a father’s

This family friend who was aware of my case then, about 6 years
ago came around last week. She was also brought into the know of it then
and her opinion sought as dad and Mum disagreed on what to do about me

Her candid suggestion was that they should not force their
decision on me. Everything had to be to my benefit and
interest, according to this woman. My Dad is very learned, a medical
doctor, while my mum is of average, you know what l mean. She has a
degree but she is assisting Dad to run his hospital. 

Hear my Dad when he
was asked about  about me recently.  

With much excitement, he declared,’I
am happy now. God has intervened.’The
girl’s case then was not ordinary, but we wanted to use human wisdom to
tackle it. The Lord God came into the matter when we all became hopeless
about her education.’ ‘You know,’ he was telling this friend,’ How
could one have explained it.  A child doing very well in her studies in
the first three years of secondary school,i.e. In her Junior Secondary
school, (that was me), but on getting to Senior Secondary School 1, she
drastically moved down the ladder. 

 At the end of the first year, her
result was so woeful that she was asked to repeat. I was shattered in my
spirit. None of her older siblings had given me such a shocking effect
like hers, and she was and is still ‘my babe’.  I put them all in a good
school where the others had stable and excellent results. Why should
her case be different. A child from my bowels not having a sufficient
level of education? No way, l will not allow that’.’

had tried to force my will on her then as you know, but her mother was
pleading on her behalf for me to take it easy with her as it seemed she
could not cope with SS1 work. This is because when she was repeating the
class,  instead of her to improve, her results for both the first and
second terms were nothing to write home about.

She herself felt
uncomfortable going to class. We could see frustration written all over
her. Tension was reigning among us. Thank God,our father in the
Lord, Bishop Oyedepo gave a teaching that children should be left to
decide a course of studies or skill they themselves have ability and
interest in. 

With your opinion too at that time (my Dad was referring to
the friend), l let go. She was good in fashion designs. She designed her
clothes only for the tailor to sew them.

We put her in a good place ,l
mean,a very good place. Esu pofo. The devil has lost the battle. A year
after, we went to see how she was doing. And we received another shocker.
She could not sew. See me,after a year.and you know this girl is very
beautiful. Her physical appearance did not show us anything was wrong
with her. 

She did not complained of anything nor did she say a thing
about her problem.We
took her for prayers and impartation and today she is no longer what
she was before. We would have just been wasting our time leaving her to
herself. (Could this have been what my parents saw in me then. It
dawned on me the trouble l had caused them). 

Thank God the story has
change now. My Dad ended his testimony with this,’Today, she is in her
300 level in one of the universities doing very well. She is on a GP of
4.+ .God did it. She went back to school and she completed her SSS with
good grades. The Lord did it by touching her entire life. My
Sister,….( that is me) is making us proud this time around. Only God
could have done it’. My Dad gave a wide smile or should l say, a loud
but heartfelt laugh. To me, this is my story best given by my Dad. 

I realized the problem then had made me frustrated and saddened my parents
especially, my Dad. However God restored our joy and renewed my purpose
for living.


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