Only God Could Have Done This: Breaking through blocked Fallopian Tubes

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got married 6 years ago and like newlyweds l wanted to get pregnant
immediately. Well it did not turn out that way. God had better plans for
us through the school of patience and total dependency on Him.
Within the first one and half years of marriage l conceived four times, the longest l carried any pregnancy was for 16 weeks !
It was either the issue of no fetal heart beat or an infection; so l had to evacuate these pregnancies. 
I was using a well known gynecologist and had never doubted his capabilities.
I took in again but was advised by the doctor to perform yet another evacuation for it was short lived. 
I stood my ground, this would not be. I left the hospital completely dejected in my spirit. 
We were referred to another doctor who ran tests again to ascertain the cause of the incessant miscarriages. 
l did not conceive for over a year. The results of the tests showed l
had hormonal imbalance; both fallopian tubes were blocked as a result of
the number of evacuations l had done. I left the hospital. 
For six months there was no sign of pregnancy. We started considering IVF.
to considering IVF, l was moved in my spirit to participate in a seed
sowing exercise in my church. I dropped the money in pains because it
was all my savings.
After this sacrificial sowing l had unexplainable inner peace and was filled with joy and even stopped seeking medical advice. 
People close to me noticed this in me and felt l was either pregnant or had resolved not to have children.  Due
to external pressure l had to continue with the IVF process. 
treatment commenced in June 2012 and the doctor said my body responded
Before the embryo
transfer, my husband and I met with Big Daddy, Bishop Okonkwo to brief
him of the situation. He prayed with us and asked us to create time and
make a family altar in our home where we commune with God at a specific
time every day. 
transfer was done and we were asked to come back after 10 days to run a
pregnancy test. Through out the IVF process a voice was saying to my
spirit ‘So after all the sacrifices you want to give man the glory? ‘
To the shame of the devil and the glory of God the IVF FAILED.

We went back to Big Daddy. He said, ‘You have bypassed the tubes and it didn’t work, why don’t you let go and let God. ‘We
agreed to wait on God, and believed that God Who gave an the idea to
create vehicle with spare parts will also have spare fallopian tubes for
me. We were praying. 

We didn’t wait for too long before considering another option-to open the blocked tubes.
planned to travel to the US to have it done. Appointment was fixed on
the 8th of October and October was the month for our fasting. God!
joined in the fasting. But diverse and numerous temptations came my
way. God is great.It dawned on me that the devil had seen that my
breakthrough was around the corner, that’s why the numerous troubles.
 This gave me the zeal to be more steadfast and upright. 
flight was for the 5th October, but since the first day of October l
observed stomach cramps and had to go meet the doctor . Surprisingly, l
was confirmed to be pregnant with the tests ran on me.
I still embarked on my journey since all the logistics had been made,but this time on a different note.
God be glory, the doctor there was visibly shocked after running
another test on me. 
We had earlier sent him copies of the x-ray of my
tubes.l told him what happened two days earlier in Nigeria and the
problems l had been having in getting pregnant, that l was there to
nurture the pregnancy.
the doctor,’ Ma, with these x-ray of your tubes, medically l cannot
understand how you conceived. Secondly, it is obvious that the MAN up
there is performing some magic on you. Why don’t you leave HIM and let us
see how far it goes. Just take things easy’
That was it !
God took charge to the end even when the devil tried to play pranks in between. 
We had a beautiful girl in 2013 .
Now, we have increased to HIS praise.

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