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One man said if I continue with this job I can’t get married & it’d be difficult to give birth | Female Welder shares her inspiring story!



Apparently, many of her posts are inspirational today….yup, it is the first of August, we all need a dose of inspiration!

Very few young women enter into the school phase of life with the idea to become a welder operator.

While the notion of a woman welder is neither foreign nor frowned upon, when it comes to sheer numbers, the welding field remains a male-dominated classroom and workplace.

UNICEF has however shared an inspiring story of a young female Welder, Rosemary Amposah from Bechem, Ghana.

“My mother said I should become a policewoman, a nurse or a doctor. She
said those are the jobs that people respect,” Rosemary said. “When I
left high school, there was very little to do. I worked at a filling
station selling petrol but had very little fulfillment.

I always asked myself, what if this company collapses
or the owner decides to sack me? My father brought me here to learn
welding. My mother hated the idea and always compares me with my sister
who went into nursing training. But my dad supports me. Everybody says
it’s a man’s job. In my class, there are fifteen boys and I was the
first girl to join them. I walk a very long distance to get to school
and each time, I get someone who passes a negative comment. Like the
last time, one man saw me and said if I continue with this job I can’t
get married and it would be difficult to give birth.I think they are
trying to pull me down but I’m not interested.”