#OccupyLekki: Police arrest Mr Macaroni at Lekki tollgate, seize protesters’ phones

The Nigeria Police have arrested famous comedian, Debo Adebayo, a.k.a Mr. Marcaroni, today at the #OccupyLekkiTollGate protest at Lekki plaza.

The comedian joined other protesters at the Lekki toll gate to air their grievances and disapproval of the decision to reopen the Lekki toll gate.

Recall that the Lagos State Judicial Panel of Inquiry has given the Lekki Concession Company permission to repossess and reopen the Lekki toll gate.

The police who arrested Mr. Marcaroni told him, ”we don’t want you here”.

During a Live Instagram where the comedian was documenting the event before his phone was seized along with other protesters, he decried the situation at the plaza, saying, ”Lekki is under military rule”.

He further said, ”How did you think the reopening of toll gate is the next line of action? If you didn’t do that today, we wouldn’t have a right to be here.

”It is a disrespect to say that you want to reopen at this tollgate. Are you spitting on the graves of the dead?

“Na military regime we dey? We also have a right to be heard. We have a right to protest peacefully.”

Joseph Seye, one of the protesters, claimed, “I am an artist. I am not a criminal. I came here to protest. It is my right. It is not a crime to protest. Why are the government treating youths this way?”

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