#OccupyLekki: It’s better to have protesters than bandits wielding AK-47 — Adamu Garba

Adamu Garba, a Former Presidential aspirant, has asked the Nigeria Police to release arrested protesters at the Lekki toll gate in Lagos.

According to him, it is better that we have peaceful protesters than bandits carrying AK-47. He informed that the #OccupyLekki protests have the right within the ambiance of the Federal Republic of Nigeria’s constitution to demand justice for their comrades who were allegedly killed by security forces.

He tweeted, “In as much as the #EndSARS protesters are not blocking the way for other citizens to move along the #Lekkitollgate, the law permits them the right to peaceful protest. After all, that is a tenet of democracy that we practice. All arrested protesters should be released immediately.”

Continuing, Garba wrote, “When will we ever learn in Nigeria? Is it not better for people to express themselves in a protest than hiding behind any extreme motive to seek justice? I would rather have a peaceful protester than a bandit with AK-47.

“If #EndSARS protesters promise to be peaceful, let them be. If for any reason, an iota of violence is detected from them, the authorities should quickly mobilize and disperse them.

“But as long as protesters claimed to be peaceful, we should give them their right to protest and protect them against possible hoodlums hijacking the protest.”

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