Oba’s threat to the Igbos: This is not the FIRST time he’s misyearning in public


has been so much ado about the recent insensitive threat made by Oba of Lagos,
Rilwan Akiolu against Igbo resident in Lagos. 
monarch had warned Igbos resident in Lagos, to vote the gubernatorial candidate
of the All Progressives Congress (APC), Akinwunmi Ambode or otherwise perish in
the Lagoon.
is not the first time Oba Rilwanu Akinolu is dictating who badges the position
of the number one citizen in the state in very undemocratic parlance.

It however
appears that this time, he might have pulled the last straw.

2011, at the official handing over of the rehabilitated City Hall that gutted
fire in 1990 but awarded for rehabilitation in March 2007, the Oba endorsed
Babatunde Fashola for a second term tenure. Oba Akiolu said that “I am
saying it publicly now that Tinubu spent eight years, Fashola too would spend
eight years.”
the launch of the book “The Art of Selfless Service” written by Maria
Osoba in May 2014, the Oba of Lagos reportedly endorsed Ambode. 
said that “I will not lie to you, the elders of Lagos have met and they
have said that Ambode should be governor. The elders have said Ambode should be
the next governor of Lagos State. Other aspirants have the right to aspire too.
But I will not open my eyes and allow the son of the Oba of Ewekoro to be the
governor. But all things are in the hand of God Almighty”
November 2014, at the presentation of two books by former President, Court of
Appeal, Justice Mustapha Akanbi titled “The story of my two worlds:
Challenges, experience” and “A life of service and grace”, the
Oba said that, “We are praying that the PDP will not rule Lagos State. The
gods and ancestors will not allow the PDP to rule Lagos”
Oba who has made an attempt to salvage the recent uprising flamed by his threat
speech, in a statement signed by the Opeluwa of Lagos, Chief  Lateef
Aderibigbe  Ajose said that he was taken out of context.
statement reads:
attention has been drawn to a publication in a national newspaper where HRM Oba
Riliwanu Akinolu was alleged to have threatened Igbos in Lagos to make them
vote for Ambode.
Sunday, all honorary Eze Ndigbos in Lagos paid a courtesy call to HRM Oba
Akinolu. At the meeting the visitors praised the Oba for his fatherly support
for and cooperation with Igbos in Lagos.
assured him of their continued good neighbourliness with other tribes in Lagos
and support everything that will further strengthen that harmony.
Akiolu on his part acknowledged the enviable performance of Governor Fashola
and his contribution to the growth of investment in Lagos. He gave the
assurance that he was not disturbed or angry with South-east and South- south votes
for President Jonathan as perceived by the Eze Ndigbos.
Oba thereafter called on the Igbo chiefs to show appreciation to Lagos State by
supporting his candidate Mr. Ambode for continuity of excellence as they have
earlier promised.
assured them of his continued support and assistance where needed and the
meeting ended with the traditional breaking of kolas, alligator pepper, bitter
kola, and pouring of libation on the ground.
was within this context that the tradition of Lagos with regard to the lagoon
came up. It was noted that whoever works against the throne and the interest
and peaceful co-existence of Lagos would end up in the lagoon as per
has also not betrayed the Igbo people. Lagos has done so much to make the Igbos
comfortable and to prosper.
this, we expect reciprocal respect and understanding. The Oba of Lagos prays
that the Lagoon and the throne will continue to bless and protect all those who
reside and visit Lagos.
Akiolu is the father of all irrespective of tribe, religion or political
persuasion. In Lagos, we have an old traditional proverb that relates to the
Lagoon is unique to Lagos. The proverb stresses the need for unity and
understanding when you do business in an environment and in this case when you
live and do business in Lagos.
Akiolu prays for peace for the land of Lagos and prosperity for all its
some Nigerians perceive the unscrupulous threat statement as a jest, it appears
that the Igbos are not cracked up at all.  Some Igbos seem not to be
satisfied with the Oba’s attempt to quell the tribal bully he indicted, others
have become terrified of voting owning to the fact that monarchs and their
words are revered in Africa .
under the aegis of Alaigbo Development Foundation (ADF) have expressed their
shock over the threats issued by Oba of Lagos, if they fail to vote Ambode come
Saturday.  The president of the foundation, Prof. Uzodinma Nwala has
warned vehemently that Igbos will not tolerate any injustice meted on them by
any faction in the country. He further espoused confidence in the Igbos, saying
they know how best to defend their lives and property.
Igbo based group that has come out to fault Oba Akiolu’s curse on the Igbos is
the Catholic Caritas Foundation (CCFN). The CCFN through its executive
secretary Rev. Fr Evaristus Bassey, advised the monarch to withdraw his curse
as Nigeria is a Republic and a Democracy not a monarchical society as the Oba’s
statement inferred. 


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