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OAP Michael Effiong comes for Nigerian pastors, says Poverty is NOT a sin



KpoKpo FM OAP, Michael Effiong has come for pastors who label poverty a sin! The Delta based media personality said he wonders why “Men of God” will climb the pulpit and make others feel inferior!

He wrote:

There is this preaching making waves among Nigerian pastors that “poverty is a sin”.
I don’t know where they got it from and I wonder why someone will climb the pulpit and make others feel inferior.

In as much as we love richest that doesn’t mean that those that are
poor will make it to hell. Don’t scare the poor ones away from God with
this satanic preaching.
If any preacher tell you that “poverty is a sin” tell him to show you where God said that in the Bible. 

For God sake, not every one used by God in biblical times were
rich. John the Baptist wasn’t a rich man. Elijah, Elisha and Joseph the
carpenter weren’t described as being rich.
Serve God the right way and don’t put earthly riches in front.