Celebrities react to Lekki Gardens Boss, Richard Nyong’s Arrest

Lekki Gardens Boss, Richard Nyong's Arrest

  Last Tuesday (March 8). a five story building under
construction owned by Lekki Gardens, collapsed, leaving about 34
people dead. Following the tragic incident, the MD, Richard Nyong under the instruction of Lagos state government reported himself to the office of the commissioner of police, however, Nigerians were shocked to see the MD and his contractor handcuffed to the court for the commencement of trial. A lot of celebrities have reacted to the
situation, expressing their displeasure regarding the incarceration of
the 34 year old real estate mogul. Read their reactions below: OAP Freeze

“What really is Justice???
I have no qualms seeing a young man who committed a crime pay for
that crime. Life is sad, before Richard came along, you could not dream
of buying a house in LEKKI for 20million naira, his dream was to make
choice housing affordable and available. Somewhere down the line
mistakes were made and lives were lost! And yes I agree…… Someone must

Now my questions;
Why is he in handcuffs and remanded in prison when that ‘prophet’
whose building collapsed and killed more people than Ebola, Lassa fever
and this alleged ‘LEKKI gardens’ put together is walking free??? Why is
that prophet not in handcuffs too??? It was even alleged, that he didn’t
show up in court the last time the courts sat. Is this true??? If it is
true, then why is Richard ‘remanded’ in prison while Mr prophet ‘comes
from home’??? Is there a special court for ‘prophets’ or do we have
special ‘laws’ for them???

Is our government afraid of prophets???
Are the people who lost their lives in the Church less valuable than the people who lost their lives in the LEKKI Gardens saga?
My humble advice: Richard should be released to go home and attend
hearings from home like the ‘prophet’. Or the ‘prophet’ should be picked
up, handcuffed and locked in the same cell with Richard while he
attends trial!

Or does the change we voted for include turning Nigeria into the
African version of George Orwell’s ‘Animal Farm’, where “All animals are
equal, but some are more equal than others?”

I might not know law and justice, but I definitely know injustice!
I appeal to everyone to lend their voice to this and ensure we have ‘JUSTICE FOR ALL’”

Basketmouth’s wife Elsie Okpocha,

“His name is Richard Nyong, the managing Director of
Lekki Gardens, the construction company in charge of the 5-storey
building which collapsed on Tuesday.

Many of us right now would go with the information the media gives,
but then, that is the much they know. The truth some of us know and are
very sure of is that Richard’s best friend was put in charge of this
said project but he did a very bad job so it was taken away from him and
given to another contractor to handle.

This particular building was already marked as defective because of
the sub-standard materials that were used. Richard had even signed a
contract with another company to repair it. But it was so unfortunate
that the labourers had made the place their home since they had nowhere
to live and this was definitely against the company’s policy. Labourers
were supposed to leave the site at 6pm and resume at 8am,this building
collapsed at 3am.

The truth needs to be told and heard. Please, let Justice be done
appropriately; this man right here is innocent. And may the Souls of the
departed rest in peace.”

Comedian Seyilaw

‘It will not be wrong to say that my judgement can be
crowded by my emotions on the recent happening with Lekki Gardens as
Mr. Richard Nyong, the MD is a friend. I must sincerely express my deep
and hearfelt condolences and sympathy to the families of the deceaseds
and those injured in the collapsed building.
‘I am also of the opinion that the law takes its due course and everyone
be given equal rights. I don’t want to go into the details of this as
Freeze, one of the best OAPs in this
country has spoken about it already. I can say for sure that I can
testify to the good intentions of Mr. Richard Nyong in the provision of
affordable housing for the benefits of Nigerians.
‘I don’t mean to insult the intelligence of anybody. I beg to say
that Mr. Richard deserves to be treated right until the court makes any
pronouncement. My prayers is with him and the families of those
affected by this unfortunate incident. God bless you all.”

Comedian AY

“The Collapse of the Lekki Garden building is indeed
an unforeseen tragedy that still hits me all the way to my soul. My
deepest sympathy and condolences to those people who have died, been
hurt and people who lost their love ones. As a one-time ambassador to
Lekki Gardens, it will be difficult to disengage myself from the company
whose vision was designed to help every common man to becoming
landlords in Nigeria. In times like this we are one family. Let us
standup and pray for all the families who have suffered and wish them
peace in knowing that their loved ones may have gone on ahead of them to
be with God Almighty. I know there is nothing I can say to ease
anyone’s sorrow, but this is just to let these families know that my
thoughts are with them. As we sympathize with the families of the
bereaved, let me clearly state that every human life is of inevitable
value. No sentiment or general conviction would justify the sacrifice of
human life. For this reason I have maintained a position of silence
because of my affiliations with Lekki Gardens. The care of human life
and property is one of the core responsibilities of a good government.
Hence I will also not blame the government and their ‘quick response’
actions against the management of Lekki Gardens. Finally, I do know that
the social Media is now for the good, the bad and the ugly. It is even
more of an open battlefield, where abuses fly from one to another,
destroying lives, self-esteem and individual self-worth. As much as I
still believe in the vision of Mr Richard Nyong’s Lekki Garden Real
Estate project that has delivered over 6,000 homes to Nigerians, I want
to hold hands with the Lekki Gardens family and grow stronger during
this time of despair, and pray for a man whom has become a victim of
circumstance. A man who truly cares for others. A man who has helped a
lot of people within and outside his community. A man who single
handedly handled the constructions and repairs of Government roads
within Lekki. A creator of employment to thousands. This is not to
position him above the law, it is a beacon for fairness within due
process, peace and justice. #letsbefair”


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