Now that Fr. Mbaka has been demoted by the Catholic church, what’s next? (photos of him moving out of his Parish)

Tears flowed uncontrollably from parishioners and
members of the Adoration Ministry as fiery Enugu Catholic priest and
director of the ministry, Rev. Fr. Ejike Mbaka, yesterday bowed out of
Christ the King Parish, GRA, Enugu, which he presided over as parish
priest for 20 years,the Sunday Sun reports.
The entire Enugu capital city also stood still as over 30 lorries
accom­panied by thousands of his adoration faithful escorted him in a
motorcade to his new parish, Our Lady Parish, Emene, a suburb of the
capital city.

Mbaka’s transfer became a topical issue as a section of the society
saw it as a punitive measure for his recent prophecies especially that
of Decem­ber 31st 2014, when he predicted that former President Goodluck
Jonathan would be defeated in the 2015 elections. This has however been
dismissed by the church who explained that the transfer is a routine
exercise done every six years by the bishop.
But Mbaka’s transfer as a parish priest to a resident priest, where
he will serve under another priest, has raised eyebrows eliciting
further comments from close observers.
Mbaka himself while handing over formally to his successor yesterday
told those around that he was going to suffer, moving from a duplex to a
room in his new parish but asked them not to worry that God has bigger
plans for him.
Hear him: “I know we are going to suffer; between now and few months
to come, I am going to suffer; I am going to suffer because I have no
place to lay my head; I am  going to suffer because I have no place to
keep the Ministry’s assets; I know I am going to suffer; fortunate going
to suffer because I have no ly it’s going to happen in the month of
Lent; so I am going to use my exit here to observe the Lent. But Jesus
said it to His apostles in John 16:20, ‘You will be sorrowful and the
world will be rejoicing but very soon I will turn your sorrows to joy.’
So I am waiting for that moment because for now I know we are going to
The Adoration Ministry is passing through suffering right now;
even though I have accepted it as the will of God; it is the will of God
through suffering; it is a mega suffering. But however, the grace of
God will carry us all; even though some of you may pray that God should
remove this thorn from us, the scripture says ‘His grace is sufficient
for us; for its even in your weakness that the power of God is
demonstrated. So we are moving but don’t forget the scriptures, ‘my
brothers they make me keeper of vineyards, my own vineyard I keepeth
not. All these while we have been keeping vine­yards, building for
Christ The King Parish…Bishop Gbuji asked them, how much …but because I
don’t want to disclose my charity, they can’t keep that account. How
many trailer loads of cement came here? All the monies I made from my
cassette and other private crusades all of them were used to build this
church. We cannot quantify it but let God be glorified.” ­
“It is the will of God; and when the will of God either permissive or
however, happens, nobody should question it. All you have today is
Amen; so to the will of God Fr. Mbaka has said Amen.”
Mbaka said he welcomed the de­cision of the church leadership with
absolute acceptance and obedience, stating that nobody should see him as
a recalcitrant priest. He assured that the parish would not collapse
due to his exit, and urged the mem­bers to treat his successor, Rev. Fr.
Theodore Ozoamalu, well, and to assist him in any way he needs help and
not allow him to cry.
His words:
 “Don’t starve him; don’t allow him to suffer; in my own
time I didn’t need your help because God blessed me in my own unique way
and I am happy. God will keep the parish because we have fought the
good fight; I am not regretting anything and the highest gift God has
given here is his Holy Spirit who assisted me up till now.”

…you can’t take away the love people have for this man.


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