Nigerians won’t know peace until Buhari leaves – Adebanjo

Ayo Adebanjo Buhari leaves

Afenifere leader, Chief Ayo Adebanjo, has said until President Muhammadu Buhari leaves, Nigerians will know no peace.

According to him, the President’s handling of security issues is awful, adding that he has used kid gloves to handle those terrorising the country.

Speaking to Punch, he said, “It is a leadership problem. When they kill innocent citizens, Buhari will come and say, ‘I have beefed up security, I have given the military marching order’. Marching order for what? For those he doesn’t want to get killed? When we said Fulani herdsmen were the people terrorising us, they said who told us they were Fulani? When they now know that they are Fulani, they said they are Fulani from abroad, and that it is from abroad that they entered. But how did they enter? What about the security of the country? Is Buhari not the one in charge of security?

“Until this man (Buhari) leaves that place, there won’t be peace. I challenge Lai Mohammed to charge me for fake news. Other people are saying he (Buhari) should resign but he should have gone five years ago. I have said it and I am expecting them to come and arrest me. He has to leave immediately; he is colluding with the people who are oppressing us and all the facts are there before him and he is doing nothing. He is negotiating with bandits and those who said they wanted to leave Nigeria, he has not called them for discussions. He should stop deceiving us; he is part of those oppressing us and until he leaves we won’t get peace.”

Proferring solution, Adebanjo said Buhari has to leave office for the country to have a brand new constitution for peace to reign.

“The solution now is for him to leave, form a national government for us to create a brand new constitution to create an enabling environment before you can talk of any election. To do any election without changing this constitution is an exercise in futility. Even the election they want to do now is a change of the personnel and nothing more,” he said.

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