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Nigerian Woman dumps Banker Husband for having a small p*nis



Nigerian woman simply identified as Mrs. Ngozi (surname withheld), has
finally opened up on why she dumped her banker husband, Agu, claims she
can not cope with his short penis.

According to her,she needed deep penetration during the act which she
was not getting and she had to quit the marriage in order to have

The incident happened at Fegge in Onitsha area where her husband Agu
lived while her parents resided at Obi Street in the Nkutaku area of
Ogbaru Local government in Anambra.

The embattled woman said that she married her husband with the high
expectation of achieving s3xual desire and enjoying peaceful married
life, but she did not get that and had to leave. Her family members were
shocked when she parked her belongings and returned home saying she was
no longer interested in the marriage.

Her parents wanted to know what her husband did to her. She explained
that Agu did not maltreat her; he took care of her and her baby but she
had to leave the marriage to have peace.
was gathered that Ngozi’s husband works with a bank branch located at
the bridge head where he met Ngozi, assisted her and she was also
employed in the bank. They later fell in love, got married without
intimate relationship and the marriage produced a female child before
the incident happened.
She also resigned from the bank and started private business without
given any reason for her action. As she did not disclose the reason she
took such decision she was accused of being possessed by strange spirit
but she did not reply anybody and faced her business.

However, she decided to opened up recently when she revealed that Agu
was nice to him but she had strong challenge in the marriage and she
decided to quit.
said that she was unable to cope with his small penis because of the
nature of her body and her desire for sexual satisfaction.

She told P.M.EXPRESS that it was a difficult decision she had to take
despite the fact that Agu was taking care of her. She confessed that
she needed deep penetration during the act which she was not getting.

She further explained that she decided not to state the reason
because she did not know how to give that kind of reason to the family
which may portray her as pr*stitute. She added that her estranged
husband knew she did complain and it was not his fault.

She however warned the reporter not to publish her full name or that
of the estranged husband in order not to embarrass him as she said she
does not know his whereabout after the incident.