Nigerian wife ordered to pay billionaire husband £100,000 after dragging him to court for having a secret wife (photos)

According to Dailymail, a
45-year-old Nigerian wife Mercy Ogbedo has been ordered by the court to
pay £100,000 to her billionaire husband Moses Taiga after losing bid for the
tycoon to financially support her. Mrs Ogbedo who got married to the
billionaire shipping magnate in 2002, says she later found out that her husband
has a secret wife he married in 1974. 
The mother of two dragged Taiga to UK
court so that she will be awarded a maintenance fee instead the court ordered
her to pay  £100,000 towards his legal fees.

Mr Taiga has now married a third woman, Yinka Taiga pictured above with whom he has quadruplets

For more than a decade she has been petitioning the British divorce courts for
financial support from Mr Taiga’s nine-figure fortune. But last year a divorce
judge ruled that despite the mother of two being ‘of limited means’, she could
not be awarded a maintenance from Mr Taiga because he had their marriage voided
in Nigeria. Instead she was ordered to pay £100,000 towards his legal
that ruling, her barrister, Timothy Scott QC, said the former couple’s lavish
2002 ceremony had ‘duped’ her into thinking she was a lawfully wedded wife. The
barrister told Appeal Court judge Lord Justice McFarlane that soon after her
‘wedding’ she discovered that 28 years previously Mr Taiga had married another
woman in church in Benin.
‘In March 2002 Mrs Ogbedo and Mr
Taiga entered into a customary marriage in Nigeria, which would have been valid
but for the husband’s prior marriage. The wife says she was duped. She should
be permitted to apply for financial relief in England by virtue of that
marriage ceremony,’ the QC said.
Mr Taiga, who is also a Grandmaster
in the Nigerian arm of the Freemasons, has been pursuing parallel proceedings
in the African courts.
Last year a Nigerian court found
that the 2002 ceremony was not just invalid but a ‘non-marriage’ and she has no
rights over his fortune. 
The Court of Appeal in London has
refused to overrule that decision, although Lord Justice McFarlane said he
had ‘real sympathy’ for her predicament and has given her the right to appeal
paying his £100,000 legal bill in the latest hearing. 
The full hearing of Mrs Ogbedo’s
challenge to the costs order will take place at a later date.
Since splitting up with Mrs Ogbedo,
Mr Taiga has ended his 1974 marriage and married a third woman, Yinka Taiga –
with whom he has quadruplets.
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