Nigerian policemen pictured helping an old woman tie her palm fruit bunches after they fell off (Photos)

Uchenna Onyeizu, a lecturer of the Michael Okpara University of Agriculture, Umudike, Abia State recently posted photos of policemen assisting a woman whose palm fruits fell off while trying to tie them together.

Mr Onyeizu took to his Facebook page to applaud the officers who stopped to give an helping hand. Here is what he wrote…

“Today, I saw the Nigeria Policemen from a very good point of view. This old woman was trying to tie her bunch of palm fruits to her bike when they suddenly fell off. These policemen were passing and stopped to give a helping hand. I was driving behind them and without their knowledge I smartly took these pictures!!! Really, we still have some men in uniform rendering unnoticed services to humanity. God bless you guys with promotions and good things of life!!!”

Indeed, there are still good policemen in Nigeria.

More photos below…

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