Nigerian Pastor bans Robbers, Prostitutes, Kidnappers from giving offerings, tithe

The General Overseer of The Lord”s Chosen Charismatic Revival
Movement, Pastor Lazarus Muoka, has again, barred armed robbers,
prostitutes, cult­ists, women on trousers and kid­nappers from giving
offerings, pledges and paying tithes in the church.

This is even as
the revival preacher urged Nigerians to turn to God in repentance for
divine intervention that would lead to the revival of economic and
political fortunes of the country.

Preaching to hundreds of
thou­sands of worshippers that con­verged on the headquarters of the
church at Ijesha, Lagos for the last lap of the two-day crusade, Muoka
harped that God is not interested in ill-gotten wealth and riches but
want everybody to worship him in truth and in spirit.

Hear him:
“If you are here and you are an armed robber, a kid­napper, cultist,
adulterer, among others and you don’t want to re­pent, please we urge
you not to give offering, tithe or pledge be­cause we are here to lead
people to Christ and not money.
“The God who called us is al­ways
with us and we know that God will supply all our needs including money
to finance the church. We urge you to repent from all evil and God will
forgive you and give you good business that conforms with the word of
“We may not know you but God knows you and will judge you if you go against his will.”

on the topic, God has power to do all things, Muoka said the Church
would not fail to fore-warn evildoers against giving ill-gotten wealth
to God who is the owner of all things.

He noted that the crusade,
which coincided with Easter cel­ebration, was designed to produce a
spiritual rebirth that would bring about restoration, salvation and Holy
Ghost baptism.

He furthered that “there shall be a fulfilment of
God’s good pur­poses in the life of participants through which they
shall experi­ence a total transformation as evi­dent that God can do all

The Imo state-born preacher stated that ”God inspired
the cru­sade to draw our attention to the fact that our success does not
lie on our ability but on what God can do, for God alone can do this or
that vis-à-vis our supplications.”

He noted that human problems
exist because “we do not recognize the fact that God has the ability to
turn-around our situation no mat­ter how bad it may seem to be. You
limit God by seeking other means but that is lack of knowledge. The
truth is that, God has the power to cause the barren to conceive, the
lame to walk, the blind to see and the captives to be freed.


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