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Nigerian pastor finds marijuana planted in his car after dreaming of being arrested over drug possession



US based Nigerian man identified as Wisdom Madukwe, has shared an
interesting story of how he was saved from being arrested for drug

Madukwe, via his facebook page, recounted how he found a bag of marijuana planted in his car, just after he dreamt about it.

He wrote;
Though there are many devices in the hearts of men but only the council of the Lord shall prevail. Amen!!!
Blessed be the Name of the Lord Who Has exposed the wicked plots of the enemy against my life and the Ministry.

On Saturday my car mechanic picked my car for maintenance and he
didn’t return the car. In the night I called him and asked where is my
car? He pleaded with me that he couldn’t meet up with the repairs. First
thing Monday morning he returned the car, I asked him, hope the car was
safe where it was? and he replied yes Sir!!!.

Finally on Monday morning he brought the car and I called him and
said to him “My Spirit is not right with you, hope you are not working
or plotting against me” and he said, how can he do something like that.

Surely the Sovereign Lord does nothing without revealing His plans to His friends…
The Bible says it shall not stand neither shall it come to pass…
Early morning hours of Tuesday, I had a revelation where I was
driving and Police stopped me and said they are on Stop and Search. I
said its OK. I was ordered by the Police to come down from my car which I
obeyed without delay. To my greatest amazement one of the Police
Officers put his hand under the driver seat and brought something and
shouted we have seen it.

Suddenly I was arrested by the Police and they handcuffed me in
that dream and they called press men and over two hundred people (200)
gathered snapping me with handsets. One of the Police Officers wanted to
slap me and as I tried to defend the slap, I woke up from bed sweating.

I hurriedly checked the time it was 5am Tuesday morning. I
started praying asking God for help, to direct and give me details of
what is going on. The Holy Spirit said to me “before you drive out today
search your car under the drivers seat.

I came to the car I forgot and the same Voice came again don’t go
“search the car under the the drivers seat” Behold I put my hands and I
saw a waterproof under the seat. I bent down to see and pulled it out.
It was wrapped with four waterproof. I opened it behold it was a bag of
marijuana(weed) planted in my car.

I shouted and called my Security and my wife to see what I saw
inside my car. They were all amazed and my wife began to cry.
Immediately I heard a voice to call my machanic.

I put a call to him ” my brother have I ever offended you or is
there anything wrong I did to you? He answered me no sir … Why have you
decided to kill me by planting marijuana in my car? He said to me dad
I’m sorry I will explain to you when I come “

I removed it snapped it with my handset and took it out of the
house. As I was driving out to the office. Four Police men stopped me
that they are on stop and search. I said OK but other cars were passing
nobody was stopping or searching them.

The Police officers shouted that I should not teach them their
job. I was ordered to come down from the car just as it happened in my
revelation. I laughed he said to me you are laughing very soon you will
begin to cry and beg me.

My eyes were very wide open on them looking and monitoring the
whole movie. They put their hands under the drivers seat just as it
happened in my revelation. But they saw nothing they were looking at
each other. They searched everywhere in the car and saw nothing.

They were over disappointed and mocked by God Almighty. And Police Officers said that I’m free to go.
Father may Your Name alone be Praised for frustrating the evil
plots of darkness and his cohorts against my life, Ministry and the body
of Christ.

This is the Mighty deliverance that God has shown me this Month of October… Grace for Help
Friends help me to say thank you to this Awesome God.