Nigerian man buys wife Range rover for sticking with him when he was broke

The best kind of love has to be one you started from many years ago, childhood love perhaps.

Here’s a beautiful story of a Nigerian woman, Mrs. Akpevwe, who
recently got a gift of a brand new Range Rover from her husband, Mr.
Etu, for sticking with him throughout the years he was struggling.

According to what the know, the SUV is a 2013 Range Rover Evoque, and it’s worth $46,995 that’s (N17 million).

According to details sent by a mutual friend of the couple they’ve been together since childhood.

The couple dated for 10 years, got married in 2011, and have since
remained married for over 6 years! They’re both based in Ghana.

Their union is blessed with 2 kids, a boy and a girl.

See the photos below;


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