Nigerian Lawmaker in fake school claims and certificate scandal

Trouble looms for Nigerian lawmaker identified as Maria Ude ‘Nwanyi Afikpo’ who represents Afikpo North East Constituency in Ebonyi State House of Assembly, as a fake school claims and certificate scandal trails her, after reportedly lying about some schools she attended in the past.

It was gathered that Maria Ude ‘Nwanyi Afikpo’, had reportedly claimed to have attended schools in Queens, New York, and another college in Palms Beach, Florida.

A Facebook post by Maria Ude ‘Nwanyi Afikpo’ shared on her page on the recent teacher’s day reads in part;

Today is Teachers day worldwide. What can we do without teachers? Not much. Government primary School, in Afikpo, gave me my first solid foundation. Ibiam Girls, in Afikpo, then went on to a college in Queen, New York, and then to another college in Palm Beach, Florida.

Not to talk of my other teachers who taught me the art of image making photography in NYC, decades ago, the Teacher who taught me photo editing, making me one of the best photo editors in the world today. The teachers who thought me web designing, and online media handling over 2 decades ago. The teachers who perfected my various skills and talents; which is the reason I can survive in Nigeria or any other country, no matter how harsh, gallantly, today.

However Drama started as Facebook user, Chukwu Donald who stated that the lawmaker’s highest educational qualification is a trade test certificate in catering, also shared a photo of the certificate to back up his claims.

He wrote;

When we see bullshit, it is our right and duty to call it out for accountability. The more we keep quiet when we see the possibilities of lies, the more people keep deceiving us, lying to us and using us as Nigerians.

Hon. Maria Ude Nwachi, the House of Assembly Member representing Afikpo North East Constituency, took to her facebook account on Teacher’s Day to praise teachers and in the process, she talked about her teachers in the previous schools she attended, but something caught my attention. While mentioning the schools she had attended in the past, she mentioned a college in Queens, New York, and another college in Palms Beach, Florida.

Now, this is a complete falsehood as her highest level of education is class two at Sir Francis Ibiam Grammar school in Afikpo and a certification in the trade of hotel and catering. There is proof from the document below showing her highest qualification when she registered for the Federal Ministry of Labour and Productivity Certificate of Competence. This is the same qualification she has used for her political office. If she had a higher qualification, surely it would’ve been included in her qualifications?

Why lie about the schools you attended? There should be honour in the achievements you have achieved, with your background. If that class two was enough to get you in to the House of Assembly, why do you need to come online and lie to us, make yourself look good, give yourself a higher pedigree and claim to be what you are not? Take pride and honour in whatever you are.

I realise that this might seem like a simple thing that shouldn’t be an issue but can we recall that just last year, she was involved in a ponzi like scheme online here where a lot of people were asked to pay in money with promises of making them millionaires, and at the end of the day, so many people lost their money? Why should a politician, a leader representing citizens get involved in something like that? Why? After a lot of us ranted here, the issue died down and nobody got a refund of their money, neither was she prosecuted.

That is how our ex Minister, Kemi Adeosun lied about her NYSC and she had to resign when her falsehood came to light. I mean, she was held accountable for her actions, and I think it is high time all these lies from the people we trust come to an end.

You see how manipulations and deceit keep surrounding one person? Let’s not talk about other scandals that still rise up around her. You can look it up on Google. Just type her name with “scam” or “prison” and you’ll see so many shameful things, yet, she is still making up lies. She should be held accountable for every utterance and claim she makes.

What I’m saying is that from her records as shown in the copy of her 2015 House of Assembly records which I have attached below, her highest educational qualification is a trade test certificate in catering which she allegedly obtained from ministry of Labour and Productivity, Enugu. We all know that only those who stopped at elementary six and do not have their O’levels go for “Trade Test “ Certificate, meaning that she does not even possess her o’‘levels. Yet, she continues to lie her way & manipulate poor, innocent school children and gullible adults. What a shame. Having gone to prison in New York for money laundering and prostitution, it appears to be a matter of time before the long arm of the law catches up with her in Nigeria here, if she continues with her lies, scams and fraudulent activities.

Why lie over things that do not matter? Or you lie in small things like this, how will you be honest with bigger things? How will you represent us in all honesty, when you lie about something like the schools you attended? Is it to add prestige to your name?

It is painful that this is the kind of character who represented a highly regarded community like Afikpo at the House of Assembly. No wonder she was completely clueless,and never figured out how to move a motion, not to talk of contributing to debates in the house.

Our politicians should stop cosmetic dressings, deceit, lying, taking pictures with school children just for publicity, padding certificates and scamming the very people they are supposed to lead.

Kai! It is high time we ourselves start holding them accountable for these things they say and do. Shame them when they lie. Shame them when they steal. Shame them when they try to deceive us. If we do not question them, who will?

This is a call out and if there is proof to say otherwise, let it be brought forth. If not, let us hold our leaders responsible for their words. Stop lying to us. We are tired!

It may be recalled that the said woman has once been accused of initiating a ponzi scheme which some of her followers on social media allegedly lost money to

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