Nigerian couple celebrate 4th anniversary of meeting on Facebook (Beautiful photos)

Aww, love divine!

Her name is Gloria while his name is Emeka  ..they met on Facebook 4 years ago and got married last year.

He had innocently stumbled on her Facebook profile, sent her a request and boom, he stalked her..and love happened.

Narrating how they met on Facebook, Emeka Nwarulor on their 4th anniversary which happened a few weeks ago, wrote thus:

Wow! So Facebook reminded me of when you accepted my friend request 4
years ago, ha! I remember stalking your profile just to know more about
you, your friends, your connections, just about anything.

Like a
CIA, I scanned every picture, checked most comments to find anything
that could raise a red flag. This was a classified case o. Lol. But your
record was clean and I was more determined to pursue. Lol

A quick message to folks out there who could have sent their future partner
away just by their social media footprints and activities. Take heed.
Sometimes the answer to your prayer for a future partner could simply be
putting social media to good use.

February is an interesting month for me, as it is a constant reminder
of how your sincere friendship brought beauty to my world.

 Also on Gloria’s birthday on the 5th of March, Emeka wrote her this amazing tribute!

On the 5th day of March my true love was born.

Her name was beautifully encrypted in my DNA before the foundation of
the earth, and masterfully decoded by God through my life’s journey.

I can make bold statements about the difference you brought to my world
with your presence and essence. Truly, you are my helpmeet that brings
simplicity to life’s complexities.

My first girlfriend turned
wife, my forever fiancé, friend, confidant, trusted advisor,
cheerleader, inspiration to mention a few. Right from the first day we
started this journey of love 4 years ago, you have passionately
supported me on many fronts, that every time it amazes me.

Today, is a special day for you, not only because it’s your birthday, but also it’s your first birthday as a wife. Hehehe.

My wife of my youth, I could write a book on you to share with other
young ladies in the world of the power of a woman’s submission, love,
faith, sincerity, kindness, trust, friendship. Someday I will write that
book and you will be the model for the cover design. (I hope you can
spare me some more nights out of bed to do so. Lol.)

Your dad
calls you the ‘Great One’, your friends call you a ‘Rare Gem’, I call
you my ‘Gold’, because you are worth more than I can describe on pen and

Through sweat, tears and love, you have stayed with me. I am humbled by this, at the same time dumbfounded.
Happy birthday my gorgeously Godly generous candy girl(I stole that candy girl line from Jimi Tewe…hehehe). With you on this journey, the sky is our walkway. I love you to the moon and beyond!
PS: I think I just finished a chapter already for the book with all these words. Hehehe.
Oya my people on Facebook, celebrate this awesome woman with me with a standing ovation biko!

Don’t you just love these two!


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