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Never allow your wife to be richer than you – Nigerian man advises

A Nigerian man has taken to Facebook to advice men never to allow their wife become richer than them.

In the post he shared, he said the true colors of a woman surface when she starts making money more than her man.

He shared:

“You can never know the true color of a woman until she starts making more money than her man….. she will even expect the man’s entire family to be worshiping her.

“The word ‘SUBMISSION’ does not exist in the dictionary of a successful woman…

“Therefore….umunwoke ibem…..the antidote for the above scenario is not to ever allow your wife to be more successful than you…..

“Support her…yes… but dont ever allow her to be richer than you…”
In another post he shared, he criticized women who expect their husbands to do domestic chores.

“Women of nowadays have really lost it…..
How could a well brought up woman…who knows the values of tradition and the place of the man in the family…expect her husband to be involved in domestic chores…especially in the kitchen department…….
What are the women of this generation turning our men into…..???
“I really dont get it….”

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