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Nairabet owner, Akin Alabi reveals what happened when he tried to watch Game of Thrones

Nairabet owner, Akin Alabi has revealed what happened when he tried to watch the season one of Game of Thrones, a HBO hit series which has millions of fans around the world.

According to the newly elected Federal House of Representatives member, he couldn’t watch the series past 7 minutes.

Read why:

“So I tried watching Game of Thrones from season one. Stopped after 7 mins. I’m sure it’s a great show but I can’t bring myself to watch fantasy. I prefer relatable stories and actions. I watched too much of Eran Iya Oshogbo, Ologbo Dudu and the likes growing up. I’ve had enough.”

Akin Alabi furthered revealed that he got fed up with fantasy movies and now prefers to watch movies that he can relate to.

“Ajileye movies killed us with fantasy movies growing up. Koto Orun, Eran Iya Oshogbo etc . Now I can only watch relatable movies. Gang kidnaps, police investigates. Courtroom drama. FBI and CIA things. Maybe some comedy. Hostage situations etc. Something relatable. It’s a fantastic show I’m sure but fantasy shows like Lord of the rings, Harry Potter, is a no no for me.”

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