My wife was the first woman I slept with — King Wadada tells love story

The Peters
artiste, Austin Peters, popularly known as King Wadada, has been
married to Evelyn, for 23 years. They talk about their union

How did you meet your wife?
Austin: We met at the
outset of my music career at a studio in Lagos. I was there to record my
first album, titled ‘Holy Holy’ and she was the lead back-up singer,
for the late Sonny Okosuns. The first time we related closely was when I
invited her to contribute to the background vocals for my debut album.
How did the relationship develop?
Austin: I was a
struggling musician who also worked part-time at the domestic airport in
Lagos and I was a cobbler at the same time; I was the first cobbler to
operate under the bridge at Ikeja, Lagos. I funded my music career from
the proceeds of my craft. I wanted to continue with the trade but
thankfully, there were still record labels like Sony and EMI who were
willing to promote budding artistes.
Was your wife in the know?
Austin: No, she never
really knew that I repaired shoes because whenever I made some money
from my occupation as a cobbler, I would rush to the studio where we met
regularly to record. We rarely met outside of the studio.
Why did you not rethink the relationship when you discovered he was a cobbler?
Evelyn: I call it
destiny. I am not carried away with wealth and I believe in struggling
with my partner until we hit it big. I have never been attracted to rich
men all my life.
Austin: She was
comfortable with the fact that I was a cobbler because she had already
experienced my music talent. We met in 1993 and we got married almost a
month after we met.
Why did you get married soon after you met?
Austin: I impregnated
her. I was not obliged to marry her because she was pregnant but we had
both decided to spend the rest of our lives together.
What attracted you to your spouse?
Austin: She was also
very talented and exposed; she had travelled round the world performing
as a back-up artiste for established musicians. She is still my back-up
singer but she no longer accompanies me to shows because she has to take
care of the home and the children. However, whenever we have to perform
at very big concerts, she performs with me.
Evelyn: He has always been a hustler and is still one. He is also a hard-working man who is devoted to his craft.
How does it feel working with your spouse?
Evelyn: We keep it professional whenever we are at work and when we are home, we can be a lovey-dovey couple.
At what point did you realise that you were meant for each other?
Austin: I was a
Rastafarian and a vegetarian when we met. As such, I had not eaten any
meal prepared by a woman and I hadn’t had sexual relations with any
woman for four years preceding the time we met. She was the first woman I
had ever been with and when I met her, I broke my vow to remain
celibate. When she told me she was pregnant, I was worried that I had
given in to temptation but I considered it to be the will of God. We
decided she would have the baby and he was named Wisdom.
Evelyn: He lived with
his friend and didn’t have any woman in his life. They were both
Rastafarians and vegetarians. I wasn’t sacred or worried about that
aspect of his life because I believed he had a reason for being the way
he was. I was comfortable with it. That was what mattered to me.
Did you have the support of your family?
Evelyn: I come from a family that loves music, so our marriage was a welcome development.
Austin: My family was supportive of our relationship and marriage.
If you could change anything about your spouse, what would it be?
Evelyn: I don’t think I would love to change anything about him because I love him the way he is.
Austin: My wife is
perfect just the way she is and that is a major reason why I cant marry
another other woman. We have been blessed with three children and they
are doing well.
How do you relate with members of the opposite sex?
Austin: Women will
always come around me, so I always try my best to avoid them. When they
come too close, I introduce them to my wife and they become friends.
Is your wife your manager?
Austin: No, I have a female manager.
How would you describe your marriage?
Evelyn: My marriage is peaceful because God has ordained it.
Austin: Marriage is all
about understanding because irrespective of how much you love a woman,
you must be tolerant. You must know when not to upset her. My wife is a
good woman and she takes good care of the family.
How do you spend time together as a couple?
Evelyn: We always go out together. If we do not feel like going to the club, we relax at home with a bottle of wine.
Do you have access to each other’s phones and social media accounts?
Austin: We have unrestricted access to each other’s phones and social media accounts.
How do you plan to celebrate Valentine’s Day?
Austin: We will not
have carnal knowledge of each other like the world would typically do. I
was a vegetarian and I stayed away from sex for four years and I thank
God that my wife isn’t too keen on sex either.
What causes both of you to disagree?
Austin: Whenever I try to impose decisions on her, she becomes upset.
Evelyn: No one is above
mistakes so we are both bound to step on each others toes but the
ability to settle quarrels amicably is what matters the most.
How do you resolve your differences?
Austin: Whenever we have a misunderstanding, we always create time to talk about it and reach an agreement.
Do you fear that he might leave you for another woman?
Evelyn: I don’t nurse
such fear because I believe that what is mine is mine. As the first
woman in his life, no woman can upturn my position because I know the
kind of man he that he is and no man can put what God has joined
together asunder.
Can you cheat on your spouse?
Austin: God forbid!
Evelyn: I can never do so because I am aChristian and I love him with all my heart.

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