’My pregnancy was complicated’ – Mother of twins, Nnenna (Yinka Olukunga) denies marrying secretly

Yinka Olukunga, the famous star of the popular Wale Adenuga series (Nnenna and friends), in a recent interview opened up on the twins she gave birth to last September.

See excerpts below:

First, we congratulate you for being blessed with a set of twins months after wedding.
Thank you, sir.  God bless you.
How does it feel now being married?
feels good.  Marriage is beautiful but then it comes with its peculiar
challenges as well.  But in all, it feels good to be married.
When exactly did you tie the nuptial knot?
That was in December 2014.
Why did you keep everything off the public radar, especially the media?
didn’t disappear from your radar. It was just a small wedding, a family
stuff so to speak. And then, I got pregnant shortly after the wedding. 
The pregnancy didn’t treat me well at all.  It was a tough time for me.
How would you describe the whole of the nine-month experience?
was very challenging and complicated.  I was always praying right from
the first month I got to know I was pregnant till the day I gave birth. 
My first trimester was very tough.  I was on a bed rest throughout
because there were chances of me losing that pregnancy if care was not
taken at that time.  It was very tough and complicated. I was in the
hospital for a very long time.  But at the end of it all, God saw me
through. I thank Him for that.

That means it’s not easy forgetting the trauma so soon?

Yes, it’s really traumatic. It’s not something one can easily forget.  But the beauty of it all was that I delivered safely.
With all you went through, would you scold or beat a child at all?
but then you have to because the Bible says spare the rod and spoil the
child.  Even though you don’t want to, you still have to because you
must correct them. Children don’t know anything.  As a mother, you just
have to teach them the right thing all the time.
believe marriage, pregnancy and all what you went through in between
might have kept you off the entertainment scene for a while.  How do you
feel about that?
I was away but I was still in contact with my children.  Before I
delivered, I still had some recordings with my children and my fans. 
So, I wasn’t away totally but I was only away from the media.
It was reported you had a secret wedding, why did you make it so?  Was it because you were running away from the media or what?
It’s not a secret wedding. It was just a family affair. It’s just a very small family wedding.
Can you share with us your love story with your husband, Oluwarotimi Ademo?
met him when I was serving at Ojodu-Berger, Lagos.  And we’re basically
friends.  From friendship we graduated into dating. And he proposed and
we got married in December 2014.
What attracted him to you?
His friendship and person.  Also, his intelligence is superb.  I love all these qualities in him.
Would you say being Nnenna was one of the reasons he chose to marry you?
No, that’s not true,
What’s your experience about marriage?  Would you say it’s beautiful?
marriage is beautiful.  Every marriage has its ups and downs, but with
God on your side you should be able to scale through.
How has it affected your career?

With hubby and twins
hasn’t affected my career because my husband understands the nature of
my job even before he got married to me.  And he has been very
supportive all through.
What does your husband do for a living and where is he from?
My husband is from Ondo town.
How do you feel having a set of twins for your husband at first time?
wonderful!  It’s double blessing from God.  I believe I might have done
something really wonderful for God to have blessed me with these
wonderful children.  They’re beautiful gifts from God.  I am so grateful
to Him.  I can’t really thank Him enough for that.
How many more are you still expecting from God?
Only God knows but we have put a stop to that for now (laughs).

You know they’re two girls, don’t you consider having another one soon, maybe…

(Cuts in) No, there is a stop for now.  But God has the final say.
Is it because of the economic situation of the country?
it’s just a policy. And it’s only God that can say, “My child, it’s
time for you to have another baby.”  So, I can’t decide on that.
How prepared are you for this year’s Nnenna & Friends End-of-Year show?
am very much prepared for it.  It’s like it’s my first major show for
this year.  I have not really had much time for my children and friends
this year.  Unlike last year, we had like five shows.  This year, I
think this would be our second show.
How was last year’s edition?
It was fantastic.

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