Much Ado about KICC’s Ashimolowo’s daughter-in-law’s bikini wear during honeymoon

KICC Pastor's Son - August 2014 - 01
Okay this is really starting to get way serious!
Last weekend (Saturday 26th July 2014), Pastor of KICC Matthew Ashimolowo‘s son Tomi tied the knot with Sierra Leonean beauty Dorothy Jeneba Kamara in London – a few days later, the couple embarked on their honeymoon in Dubai and shared photos from the trip on Instagram.

Rather than showering encomiums on the lovebirds, many fans took to back lashing Kamara for wearing a leopard print
cut-out monokini.

 “As a daughter-in-law of a pastor, she isn’t meant to wear a revealing swimsuit” they say.

KICC Pastor's Son - August 2014 - 02

If you recall, Pastor Kumuyi’s son John Kumuyi and his wife received various complaints in 2011 after their wedding because her wedding dress was “too revealing”.
It sparked outrage from church goers who
took to social media to accuse the head pastor of allowing his
daughter-in-law to wear a dress that isn’t up to the church’s dressing
Personally we see nothing wrong with what these ladies are dressed in, but it appears that Nigerians love attacking Pastor’s daughter-in-laws’…what say you?!

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