More honeymoon photos of fashion designer Yomi Casual and his wife surface

More photos from Yomi Casual and wife
Photos of fashion designer Yomi Casual and his wife, Grace enjoying their honeymoon have been surfacing online after their lavish wedding in Lagos. 
They seem to be having fun as they continue their honeymoon in Dubai. 

Recall that when asked how the couple met, he said ….
I met her about seven years ago at a friend’s party. She was at the party with her elder sister. I was just chilling with some friends when I saw this very beautiful girl wearing a suit at the party and I was impressed. She looked different from the other ladies at the party and I was like this is the kind of girl I would like to meet. A lot of my friends had gone to meet her and she was turning everybody down, and then I said, okay, let me go and try my own luck with her. I approached her like a gentleman and we started conversing. And the rest is history.

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