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More details of the young man who died with Dapo Abiodun’s son in a car emerge (photos)




Çhime Amaechina Jude was the youngman who died with Olugbemiga
Abiodun on Saturday, October 7, 2017, in a car under mysterious
Though their last hours and causes of their death are being pieced together, details about them are still sketchy.
But from his social media account (his Instagram page has now been deleted), we gathered a few details about Chima.

And here are some facts about Chima Amaechina Jude as compiled by

1. He attended Marist Comprehensive College, Nteje (class of 2007)

2. Oritameta Baptist Model School, Ring- Road Annex ( class of 2009)

3. University of Cambridge (for AS/AA: class of 2010)

4. Educational Advancement Centre, Ibadan (class of 2011)

5. He’s lived in Ibadan and Lagos

6. He’s an entrepreneur, entertainment manager, marketer and real estate developer

7. His birthday was February 4

8. He has two sisters and a brother (Chika, Damian and Sopuluchi)

9. He described himself as ambitious and hardworking

10. He claimed he was in a relationship

11. His last post on Facebook was on September 30 at 11:29 am (summer memories)