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As we all know, by shopping online we can save a lot of money. This is a direct result of low maintenance, storage and staffing cost. However, can more be done? Do you ever ask yourself whether you can struggle a little bit less every month to buy your everyday essentials and things that aren’t a necessity? Read on to learn more about savings you can make today.

How to start saving

From the growing demand for smart solutions in traditional and online shopping, website was launched. The platform offers its users discounts and deals to all of your favourite brands like Jumia Travel or Whogohost, so that you can save on your next shopping, starting right away. There might be some questions you need answered, so here is the story in a nutshell.

Deals and offers are updated daily. There will never be a promotion that has expired and you can’t use. People who work at the company strive to provide every single person using the website, with all the amazing deals a shop has to offer. There are two types of deals you can choose from: codes and promotions. The former cannot always be found on the store’s website because they are exclusive to Picodi users. It’s worth checking out the platform every day to don’t miss great opportunities to save money such as Qatar Airways seasonal sales.

More importantly, Picodi is completely free to use. You will never be asked to pay anything just for checking it out so it’s not your typical ‘pay-to-save’ type of scheme. Moreover, you don’t even need to subscribe if you don’t want to. By doing so, though, you are opening yourself to the wealth of opportunities in Nigerian retail.

Massive savings with Konga coupon codes

Take Konga, a leader in Nigerian retail industry selling everything from phones and tablets to groceries, as an example. It’s one of those places where thousands of Nigerians shop at every single day. Picodi is enabling you to save your time and money on each and every spree you go on. Store promotions and coupon codes can be applied at the checkout to effectively lower the amount of money you need to spend.

This year the store is celebrating its 6th birthday so when you visit the website you will see that 40% off your regular clothes, phone and laptop shopping is most definitely an opportunity worth taking. When you’re looking for one of a kind look or a new mobile device, deals like these can make a true difference in your home finances. To hear even more news about promos and offers, download the Konga mobile app to order products on the go.

Try it out

Being a savvy shopper is now a must. Whether you are lucky enough not having to count every naira you spend, or you have to try hard to make ends meet at the end of the month, Picodi provides you with real solutions to your money-related dilemmas. It’s free and available 24/7 for your convenience and peace of mind. Don’t delay and see it for yourself today.

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