Moji Olaiya: Fan writes open leter to committee in charge of burial

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Kindly read open letter as sent in by a Fan of the late actress, Moji Olaiya.

On Moji Olaiya’s Death…

You can hardly check any online news media without you reading about
how one colleague or government has refused to help in Moji Olaiya’s
burial, it’s somewhat disheartening and I ask why let this drag for
Thank God for the social media where we can create our
alter ego, the picture perfect façade of ourselves. Where the industry
people have not only taken the make believe world out of the industry to
their own “perfect” world. So u set up a 12-member burial committee for her burial…to give her a befitting burial?

Would the befitting burial help in raising the 2-month old baby she
left, would it secure the future of her children? Would it make the
family to feel the impact of her death less?
You asked your
colleagues to contribute and they refused…in a world where “thy self”
is the most important thing. How does the contribution benefit or
glorify them? Would there be opportunity to take picture with her family
while they smilingly give a cheque of 100k and post on social media, so
the blogs could post a screaming headline of how so and so gave a
The money billing business sef, would it all go down the
drain to give Moji Olaiya an Industry worthy befitting burial or would
most of it go into setting a trust fund for Moji’s daughters? Who
befitting burial epp?
The people in the committee, hope this is
not a form of publicity stunt, a service to humanity kind of thing…in
the showbiz world, its anything for publicity. After the burial, would
the committee still stand to see to the welfare of her children? How
much has each committee member given? Abi na only your time…

Please, just cut your coat according to your size. If your people are
not ready to help, Let Moji Olaiya sleep, let her family have time to
heal and do not create unnecessary animosity amongst them and her
colleagues…this is highly unnecessary.


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