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Mofe Duncan on 36th birthday: I can’t remember the last time I was admitted to hospital

Actor Mofe Duncan has expressed gratitude to God has he celebrates his 36th birthday. In a post he shared on Instagram, the actor thanked God because he cannot remember the last time he was admitted to a hospital.

Mofe Duncan also used the opportunity to be grateful for all he’s been through which includes surviving a ghastly accident and getting robbed.

In celebration of his birthday, Mofe Duncan shared:

Still… You continue to bless me… Lord, I thank you. • 36yrs on Your green earth, small me… I’m not even worthy but… here I am, standing tall, dont know when last I was admitted to hospital been over 20yrs if I’m correct, survived a ghastly accident unscathed in 2010, survived a robbery that could’ve gone very wrong in 2000, heck I wasn’t even breathing when I was born, but yet… here I am. • #HappyBirthdayToMe … So grateful for today #May28th. It’s been an immensely tough year, the 35th chapter was testing and unnerving, but still… here I am. • It can only be You Lord God Almighty. • The #36th Chapter Begins… the #36th Episode starts now. 

Mofe Duncan
Mofe Duncan
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