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Mistura Asunramu-Alao has no regret relocating abroad



entering the movie industry in 2002, cross-over actress Mistura
Asunramu-Alao, who is now  residing abroad with her family, is gaining
ground with her new radio and TV programmes. In this interview with DUPE
AYINLA-OLASUNKANMI, the actress speaks on her new adventure abroad,
among other issues. Excerpts:

Tell us, what it is like residing abroad presently?
It is a good feeling. Life is good and okay as far as I am concerned.
What made you leave Nigeria where you have become a brand?

As they say, there is no hiding place for a golden fish. I am not
only a brand in Nigeria, but to God be the glory, a brand everywhere.
Leaving Nigeria is personal, nothing special.
Did you have fears when you were told by your hubby that you will be relocating?
No, because I know there is no place I can’t function as an
entertainer in the whole world as entertainment is the same everywhere.
It is often said that it’s difficult living abroad; how has it been for you so far?
To God be the glory, it has been an easy adventure for me. I never
regret my decision. I have been doing a lot of entertainment stuff here
in the US. I organise events here and also have a radio and TV
programmes that I present.
How easy was it getting audience, being a new face?

I am a brand that has my fan base right from Nigeria. There are lots
of people who also appreciate me here in the US and all over the world,
so when I started my show, it was well accepted. I thank God for his
kindness and mercy.
Having featured actors based in Nigeria in your new movies, how easy is it having them abroad?
It’s not that easy shooting here because the actors are not based in
the same city and state, so their travelling arrangement and
accommodation must be sorted out. The environment is so calm and makes
shooting easy but we spend more than expected because of the currency.
Any plans to return home?
I will definitely be coming home occasionally, by God’s Grace.
Since relocating, you haven’t featured in any movies produced in Nigeria. Why?
It’s because I am here in the USA and not Nigeria, but I have
featured in many movies shot here and I have produced three movies
titled Akebaje (Spoilt Brat), Aye Ajifa out on YouTube, while the third
one Wicked Soul will be out soon. A TV series produced by me titled
Whose Fault will also soon be on the screen. I am also shooting a new
movie Fali Olomi ni Yankee.
It’s the trending thing; entertainers putting their work online.
It’s profitable and okay. If your job is not online after production,
some people might not be aware of the good jobs you are doing.
You did Fali Olomi in Nigeria before relocating. Is this new work like a part two?
Not really a second part; which is usually known as part two. Fali
Olomi ni Yankee, which I am just working on at the moment, is to tell a
story about what people face abroad and the comic life of Fali Olomi,
the local girl who is now residing abroad.
How have you been managing your home front; the kids and as a wife?
To God be the glory, I have an understanding and supportive husband. I
never neglect my home front nor neglect my calling as an entertainer.
It has been God all the way. I do cherish family life a lot. My husband
and kids, I take good care of them. My job as an actress doesn’t affect
my duty as a wife and mother.
You are also a great dancer, where did you learn all the moves?
I loved dancing from my childhood. Being an entertainer, dancing is
part of showbiz. That is what I am saying about me being a rounded
entertainer. As an entertainer, you should be able to fit in into
different parts of the entertainment world. I am a fully packed
Was expecting you to have added weight.
I keep fit with lots of exercise and I don’t eat foods that are not
nutritious. To be honest with you, I am not a fan of junks. I don’t eat
late too. All this has helped to contribute to my keeping in shape.
Why is it that you do not produce movies like your other colleagues?
I don’t do things because others are doing them. I want to give my
fans the best, so I don’t rush to locations every now and then to churn
out movies. What I give out is the best. I am more concerned about
quality and not quantity.
As far as acting is concerned, who are some of the people who motivated you?
Nobody motivated me. I had the inner passion for the job; the passion
pushed me to make the first move and I don’t have any regrets taking
that step. Even when I sensed some reservation from my parents, I kept
moving because my passion was my driving force till my family was duly
convinced I was on the right path.
How long do you intend to stay in acting?
I am in the job for the rest of my life, by God’s grace. I didn’t get
into this industry by accident. It is what I enjoy doing. There is
always a role for everybody. Being a mother doesn’t stop me from acting.
I will always deliver.