Miss World, Honey Pointer, Pretty Diamond and Franscica Samuel, I have got good news for you!

Aww, dear ********** God bless you so much, you don’t know how much joy you have brought me today!

Hi guys, I just got a 10k gift from an amazing blog reader for four special kfbers!

 Hi Kemi, please do not mention my name.

I am an ardent reader of your blog and i am part of the KFB family although most times i comment as anonymous because I am a very private person.

I have a 10k cash reward for four of your blog readers, Miss World, Honey Pointer, Pretty Diamond and Franscica Samuel for being consistent. 

After you paused the giveaway, they still continued posting comments and i am really impressed. 

This is just my little way of encouraging BVs, once again i repeat don’t reveal my identity. 

God bless KFB.


So, sweethearts, please send in your account numbers to my mail asap to receive your alerts.

And for those wondering if the bi-weekly Giveaway has been stopped…no it hasn’t, I only decided to pause it for the meantime for real BVs and not just for some quick opportunists.

Whoop 🙂


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