MFM founder, Olukoya reveals his 2018 prophecy for Nigeria

The founder and General Overseer of Mountain of Fire and Miracles Ministries (MFM), Dr. D.K Olukoya, has released 35 prophecies for the year 2018.

Olukoya tagged 2018 as “My Year of Extra-ordinary turn around” and took his text from Psalms 110:1 and Galatians 6:9.

Olukoya Urged Christians to be more prayerful this year as there will be “death of rebellious leaders and kings, political confusion, great fall for corrupt people.

Here are the prophecies below.

1. Year of terrible attack on marriages

2. Year of wild infirmity attack

3. Spiritual weakness would be a tragedy

4. Fingers would be ready to fight.

5.Deliverance from long time bondage

6.Manifestation of the raw power of God

7. Death Of rebellious kings and leaders.

8.Many will overcome generational bondage

9. Tragic year for those with Absalom spirit

10. Disgrace of the strong man of fear

11. Wrath of heaven over sexual perverse nations and leaders
12. Tragic year for Jehazi (fake)ministers
13. Yokes of barrenness will be broken this year
14. Rough year for modern day Jonahs
15. Animal will pursue hunter
16. Wind blowing year
17. Masquerading captivity
18 Laziness in prayer will cause havoc
19 Stings from strange insects
20. God will stretch out his rod of judgement on Nations opposing God
22. Terror would swallow terror and vomit poison
23. Year of scientific itchcraft
24. Rough year for those given to alcohol

25 Year to cast your net on the right side
26. Year of 1st Samuel 3:11
27. Great fall for those engaged in corruption
28. Strange shifts
29. Divine happenings
30 Global economy down turn (low) if we don’t pray
31. God will raise females prophets or just prophetess

32. Disgrace for hard drug users
33. God will reward those that bank with him (tithers)
34. Personal deliverance
35 Political confusion in the year 2018


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