Meet the woman whose husband would commit suicide if she quits their marriage

Nollywood actress, Chioma Toplis who relocated to London following her
marriage has opened up on why she shares raunchy photos on Facebook and
why her husband can never leave her. See excerpts from her interview with
the Daily Sun

I post my sexy pictures anytime I feel like. In the UK, I am
registered with some agents that do plus sized lin­gerie. So, I have
been pushing to be one of their models. I won’t give up; who knows
someday my dream will come true. People should know that my husband and
other family members fully support whatever I am doing with my body.
Whenever I go for my shoot, my husband is always there to supervise, so
people should let me be.

Funnily enough, I respond harshly to critics that insult me for doing
what I love doing. My husband doesn’t, my kids too, so why must one
stranger control me? I am old enough to know what I am doing. The Bible
says in… (I can’t even remember the part of the Bible), but I know God
said all that matters is our hearts not what we wear outside. If you
look at my photo and it’s turning you on, you can scroll down, pass or
better still delete yourself off my Facebook wall. Some men will be
there romancing my pictures on Facebook, but when I post something
educational or inspirational, they won’t even read or comment. They are
bunch of hypocrites.

On her marriage to her white  husband breaking down,she says

 Not for me, no matter how they talk about it, it will never happen. I
know what I’m talking about because I know the man I am married to. It
will never happen. That is why I’m not moved. When I read what people
wrote on the pages of newspapers and on the Internet, I just laughed. In
fact, if I tell my husband that I am leaving him today, he will commit
suicide. I am the pillar of that home, though I am not the one
provid­ing for the family, I remain the pillar. I can say it again; I
don’t see my marriage crash­ing. If they like, let them do or say
whatever they like, my husband will not leave me. It is me that would
decide whether I am going to leave him or not.


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