Meet the 70-year-old woman who rubs urine on her face to look younger (Photos)

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A glamorous pensioner has shared one of the secrets to her youthful looks.
According to Dailymail, Stella Ralfini says rubbing her own urine into her face is the reason behind her glowing complexion at the age of 70.
The skin cancer survivor says people never believe her age and revealed she developed the unusual technique when she was in her 30s while studying medicine in India.
After developing a ‘strange’ rash during her trip, Stella was advised to dab her skin with her own urine and says that within a week the blemish had disappeared. She claims she has never had a spot since.
Despite lavishing care on her skin throughout her life, Stella was diagnosed with skin cancer in April and turned to her urine method again.
The life coach underwent an operation in May and was thankfully given the all clear earlier this month but believes her healthy lifestyle and skin care helped her make a full recovery.

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