Married Woman Pours Hot Water on Neighbour’s Manhood for Refusing to Sleep with Her (Photo)

A man identified as Lopes Hobjana, almost lost his manhood after a woman
who lives in the same yard as him allegedly poured boiling water over
him for refusing to have sex with her.

The 25-year-old from Palm Ridge, Ekurhuleni said he believed God had sent an angel to protect him.

He said to Daily Sun

“This woman had beef with me because I refused to sleep with her. She
thought I was going to tell her husband and she started swearing at me,”
he said. “I have not been eating at the main house and I kept it to
myself as she asked me to, but she’s always restless.”

Lopes said he had accepted that his relationship with the woman had turned sour.

“I stay in my room but she sometimes knocks on the door just to swear
at me. I don’t fight back as I have always respected her. “On Thursday,
my friend came to visit me and her husband asked us to help other
tenants carry a bed into their room. Out of nowhere, the woman came out
of the house with a bucket of boiling water and threw it at me, but
luckily my friend pulled me away.

“The water hit my thighs and she started shouting at me that she
wanted to burn my manhood! I am grateful to God that I’m alive. But I
want her to go to jail

Eden Park police spokeswoman Captain Buyisile Mvelase said a case of assault was opened.


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