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Marriage counselor, Kalu Igwe’s wife is lucky to have him!



Marriage counselor, Kalu Igwe’s wife is lucky to have him…just read this ode to her.

I love good things. I love seeing my wife put on great outfits. Inside
and out.I remember the first time I travelled outside the country
without my wife,i started searching for one store I had heard so much
about that they call Victoria Secret. I wanted to get the best Lingerie
for my wife. I went in there and got her stuffs that will blow her
mind.She did not send me. I just knew she deserves the best so I went to
where they said you can get the best. I do all her lingerie shopping
for her. I have studied her taste over time and have synchronised it
with what I would love to feast my eyes on whenever I look at my wife. I
always love it whenever I see the handwork of my selection on her.
Trust me,I always pick out the best.I always love it whenever I hear her
say with pride,my husband bought it for me each time people compliment
her outfit.
Each time she puts on an outfit,the first thing she does
is to ask me whether I like it. I dont mind if I dont buy new things for
myself. I can make that sacrifice as long as my wife and my kids are
looking good.
People dont care about how many bottles of beer you
drink daily,the type of car you drive,whether you live in banana Island
or you work in an oil company. Once they see how your wife and kids
look,they can be able to tell the kind of person you are. Your wife
reflects who you are.Im not talking about dressing and looking expensive
but understanding that no matter what level you find yourself in that
you can actually package your wife and kids to look good as much as your
resources will allow you.I
have various ways I show love to my wife. I have tried plaiting her
hair myself,I have loosed her braids quite often,I have served her
breakfast in bed and sometimes I just hold her hands,look into her eyes
and say “I love you “.
Little things but big things to a woman.
more I do this often,the more I see my wife evolving into a more and
more beautiful woman everyday. No woman is more beautiful than my wife. I
also continue to invest in her emotions,spirit and total well being to
make sure she remains the most beautiful inside and outside. That’s why
no other woman can beat my wife in total beauty. I do this by praying
for her constantly,speaking words that builds her spirit and I never
play with her emotions. This makes her confidence level very high.
see,the grass is never greener on the outside. Your wife is like a
flower,The more love and affection the man continues to show to his
wife,the more she blossoms and becomes more beautiful,inside and out.
more and more love to your wife starting today and you will see the
brand new wife that will evolve plus you will see the changes it will
have on your business and the family finance as more and more of your
prayers will be answered.