Many are poor because of their sole reliance on government for everything | Kemi Filani Blog celebrates Pastor Adeboye’s 74th birthday with some of his quotes

Exactly 74 years ago, in the village of Ifewara, Osun State, located in the South-Western part of Nigeria, a baby boy named Enoch Adejare Adeboye was born.
Little did his parents know that their boy was destined for greatness and that he would sit, dine with, and lay hands, on kings.

That boy is now one of the most respected religious figures in the world.
Named as one of NewsWeek’s fifty most powerful people in the world,
Pastor Enoch Adeboye has touched lives through his spirit-filled sermons
from his general overseer duties at the Redeemed Christian Church of
To commemorate the 78th birthday of the mathematics professor, man of
God and family man, here are some life-changing quotes from

1. ”If I tell you to do anything and it’s not in the bible,
don’t do it, if I make a point while preaching and don’t support it with
a bible verse, ignore it.”
2. “If you can think of anything that’s more important than Jesus to you, then Jesus is nothing to you.”
3. “If you do not praise God when you are at peace, you will praise Him when you are in trouble”
4. “Thanksgiving is the glue that helps to firmly attach your blessings to you. Without it, your blessing may be lost.”
5. “If you know how to give God some aroma through praises, he will make your life more appealing and attractive.”
6. “Being thankless and unappreciative has a negative impact on the human heart.”
“The devil will not stay where they are praising God.”
7. “When you praise God, He draws near. When God draws near, then the devil will run away.”
8. “Sometimes, all you need to do in order to get your miracles Is to praise Him”
9. “Praise is a powerful instrument. It attracts God’s
presence. If you have been struggling with a problem, try praise. It can
change your life because as you praise God, the earth releases her
increase and you will be blessed. “
10. “Do you know that if you can rejoice, offer God
thanksgiving and praises right from your heart, the Holy Ghost will
begin to move?”
11. “If those who appear to have nothing to thank God for still find reason to Thank Him, what about you?”
12. “When in trouble, praise and thank God. To show a higher
level of faith, actually sleep off the problem. This shows you trust God
to sort it out.”
13. “Anyone who does not know how to be grateful to God may never enjoy permanent victory.”
14. “Let somebody Shout Halleluyah”
15. ”Don’t let sin truncate your destiny”
16. ”Of what use is prosperity to you if you are not going to heaven”
17. ”Many are poor because of their sole reliance on government for everything”
18. ”Behind the glory is always a story”

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