Man shoots girlfriend dead after her parents asked for bride price

An ex-vigilante boss, Uche has killed his girlfriend over a new born baby and bride price.

Leadership newspaper reports that trouble started when the suspect
demanded custody of his baby without paying her mother’s bride price and
her parents refused to release the baby.

The suspect, who was a security man at her street in GRA, Onitsha,
fell in love with the girl before he was sacked from the duty in
December 2014.

When the parents of the girl asked him to pay the bride price to
formalize the marriage, he allegedly brought out a gun and shot the girl
in the chest.

Two days to her death, the suspect observed that the parents of the
girl were not at home. When he visited their house and met the girl, he
wanted to forcibly take the baby but she resisted.

He then collected all her clothes and those of the baby and proceeded to set them ablaze after which he left the house.

Two days later, he visited again and asked the girl to come for a
discussion in the compound. As they were walking towards the gate, he
turned round and brought out a gun and shot the girl in the chest and

When neighbours came out to ascertain what was happening, they found the girl lying dead at the gate.


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