Man repays Carpenter who helped him in School 20 Years Ago (Heart melting Photos)

Onyebuchi Emenanka and the old carpenter

A Nigerian man identified as Onyebuchi Emenanka who graduated years back
from Abia State University ABSU has paid a 20-year-old debt to a
carpenter who helped his almost twenty years ago…
Read what he shared on his Facebook page below;



Today, I decided to put a big smile on someone’s face. When the ABSU
event was over and on my way back, I did a stop over at the place where
I used to live as a student on Agiriga Street Okigwe.

My mission was simple – to pay a surprise visit to my old neighbors, who are mostly local carpenters and petty traders.

I moved into that area sometime in 1998 and lived there till 2001 when I
graduated. My brother Chiemezie Nwakanma was living there then and
helped me secure the room. We were next door neighbors. Iyke Aaron and
Chizuru Kanu later joined us there.

 There is this particular carpenter who was so kind to me then. He would
do my carpentry works free of charge and will lend me money whenever I
was broke. I didn’t pay back most of those monies. The Mbano man was
just nice to me and treated me like his own son.

The man has a penchant for speaking high sounding grammar and we named
him the Professor of Carpentology, a title he cherishes so much…

17 years after, I stormed the place today and it was a big party. I
ensured that there were drinks of different kinds and food to go round.
All the carpenters stopped work to welcome their old neighbor. The women
were not left out.

I told them stories of how that carpenter assisted me greatly and
without seeking any pay back from me. I thanked all of them for the
kindness and love they showed me then. They were all amazed that I could
still remember all of that almost 20 years after.

The carpenter had a set of male triplets while I lived there. They are
all grown now and one them works with him in his shop. He said the boy
is brilliant but he has no money to train him in school. He lost his
wife a few years ago.

 There and then, I announced that I will send him to the university and
bear the cost of his training. The man broke down in tears. I told him
that his son should get a better life than he had. I am fully committed
to keeping that promise. I shall help secure admission for him and see
him through school. Who knows? He may be the channel through which God
will liberate the family from the vicious cycle of poverty and

It was a great day today as we drank and relived old times. I ensured that each of them got some small cash in their pockets.

Before I took my leave, they all asked me to kneel down while they said some prayers that touched my soul.

I felt a deep sense of fulfilment today. Yes…


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