Man discovers shocking but funny thing after he thought his car had been stolen

A Geologist, Dr. Olusesan has narrated the funny incident that took place after his Peugeot 406 car crashed into a brand new car.

According to him, he had thought the car had been stolen when he couldn’t find it right where he parked it.

However, on his way to make a car-theft report to the police, he came across a shocking but funny discovery.

He tweeted:

Myfirstcar, bought at a mechanic village in 2002 is a used Peugeot 406. I drove to a Shangisha sloped street, to show a friend. When we got outside, the car was gone. We thought twas stolen. It wasnt stolen. It rolled all by itself down d slope and crashed into a brand new car.

”We found it on d way to report at d police station my car was stolen. Crowd had gathered round it and have started cursing, wondering at d mystery behind d unmanned car. It took me and my friend time to decide whether I should announce I’m the owner of d car or I should run away.

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