Man calls out Lagos State BRT operators for conveying more than 20 people in a bus |Video


Video of a man calling out Lagos State BRT operators for carrying more than 20 people in a bus has surfaced on the internet. In the video, the man was heard challenging the BRT Operators for carrying more than 20 people in a bus.

According to the man, Lagos state gave an instruction and promised that the BRT bus should convey just 20 people. Instead, the BRT operators are carrying over 50 passengers in one bus. He further threatened to make sure the Lagos state government see the video.

Recall that Lagos state governor, Babajide Sanwo-Olu  issued new guidelines for the transportation operations within the state to avoid the spread of coronavirus.

The governor warned all commercial passenger vehicles not to exceed 60 per cent of their capacity at this crucial time, while physical distancing rule must be obeyed both at the parks and in the buses, maintaining that Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) and Lagos Bus Services Ltd (LBSL) must not convey more than 21 passengers, must not permit standing in their buses and should keep the air-conditioning systems switched off always.

Watch Video below;
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