Man accuses Usman Sani Bello, the son of former Kano state governor of sodomy, threat to life and more (details and photos)

Usman Sani Bello

A Facebook user named  Ismail Zailani Ibrahim (pictured above) has accused  Usman ‘Sheihk USB’ – the son of former governor of Kano state Rtd Col Sani Bello, whom he claims to have known for almost 10 years. He accused him of Sodomizing him for diabolic purposes and taking away his luck. He also alleged that USB threatened to kill him or even make him go mad!

What he wrote below…

“Usually this is a subject that might end up on the kitchen table, But when you have been threatened with madness, to implicate you as a Boko haram terrorist, to implicate you with narcotics or possibly death,it is hard to leave anything to chance when the person you are against has ties with politicians as well as the military. A simple police report might mysteriously get missing, your file thrown out or even forced to retract your statement. I have decided to make this post here since it would be hard to erase it without my consent . 

“I met Usman Sani Bello almost ten years ago before he got married to Farida.I was a student at the time , He came under the guise of a mentor and helped me out financially which did not come without a price. He sodomised me while inducing me with poppers . I was to find out this act was anything but ordinary as he was using diabolical means to take out my luck. All these happened from time to time at his house on Inuwa Wada road in Ungwan rimi, or at a house in Garki 2 in Abuja . Recently I implored a mallam to intercede for me as to why things have been going amiss in my life, I was to find out that he (Usman Sani Bello ) had used me to enhance his luck with the use of charms . I later confronted him which he vehemently denied , I threatened to expose him and even went to his house to tell his wife but before I could do so she called him (maybe out of fear or as his accomplice, it’s hard to say ) He asked the guards to tell me to leave his house which I did . He later sent a mutual friend to come and ADVICE me that I should drop the matter or who knows I might be linked to Boko Haram, Struck with madness, set up with Narcotics, or possibly die mysteriously. “That is why I have decided to post it here that I am of sound mind and not involved in any of the acts stated and if anything should happen to me Usman Sani Bello should be held responsible. My family and friends take note.”  


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